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While Surfing in the Waves,This Man Captured Photos That Will Inspire Awe, Delight and Wonder! #24 is Definitely AMAZING!

Gotta Try This!
Clark Little, a surf photographer, just love to photograph breaking waves. His style is dangerously unique because his photos were taken while the waves are cresting, moments before they crash down. Let's take a look at his breathtaking images!

1. A Simple Request

A Simple Request
Clark Little is an experienced surfer who began taking pictures of waves in 2007 when his wife requested one to hang on their bedroom wall.

2. A Request Turned Passion

A Request Turned Passion
He did not stop with one photo. Taking photos of waves became a passion.

3. World Renowed

World Renowed
His photos did not only grace their bedroom wall. They became widely known and esteemed.

4. Avant-garde Masterpieces

Avant-garde Masterpieces
His works are radically new and very original that they have been exhibited all over the world.

5. Frothy Soda

Frothy Soda
This photo brings to mind a bubbly and sparkling soda, yummy!

6. Crystal Clear and Relaxing

Crystal Clear and Relaxing
This image will definitely ease tired eyes and weary souls.

7. Mind-bending and Awesome!

Mind-bending and Awesome!
By all odds, I would not mind being caught up in this awesome wave!

8. Great View From Here!

Great View From Here!
This turtle enjoys his ride in the waves, COOL!

9. The Man In Action

The Man In Action
Clark Little as he captures the crashing waves into film for our enjoyment.

10. Unquestionably Brave and Daring!

Unquestionably Brave and Daring!
Here, Little courageously stands in front of an elephantine wave just to capture the best shots.

11. Celebrated Photography

Celebrated Photography
It is not surprising that his works have been featured in all sorts of magazines and television programs.

12. Let's Get Surfing!

Let's Get Surfing!
Come and join this guy surfing the USA coast!

13. The Waves Are Coming!

The Waves Are Coming!
This wave just looks majestic!

14. Sunset Waves

Sunset Waves
This wave during sundown is simply amazing and at the same time soothing.

15. Over-the-Top Images

Over-the-Top Images
These images are beyond the ordinary.

16. God's Hand at Work

God's Hand at Work
This images will not be possible without God's hand at work. Applause to the Creator above!

17. Picturesque

Strikingly expressive! Is this an oasis inside a wave?!

18. Fantastic Colors!

Fantastic Colors!
Be submerged in its beautiful colors.

19. Fantabulous Wave!

Fantabulous Wave!
Perfect curves, here it comes!

20. Be Swept Away

Be Swept Away
Let this wave envelop you in its cool embrace.

21. Adrenaline Rush, Anyone?

Adrenaline Rush, Anyone?
This gargantuan wave will be thrilling to ride, a definite source of adrenaline rush.

22. Gotta Try This!

Gotta Try This!
I would love to the next surfer in here.

23. Sinister, NOT!

Sinister, NOT!
Appreciate this wave in its dark glory!

24. Just Perfect!

Just Perfect!
This is just postcard perfect!

25. Yellow Waves, Here They Come!

Yellow Waves, Here They Come!
I wonder at this. How did it came to be yellow?!

26. Lovin' It! ♥

Lovin' It!  ♥
Even the ocean loves his work, too.
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