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The Culture of Planting Trees for our Future was Sacrificed by our Parents on the Altar of Religious Miracles and Corruption. Our Parents have so inculcated the Culture of Corruption in Nigeria that their Children are Mostly Hungry and Suffering and they do not seem to care. They ignored the Nigerian State for their Selfish Personal Greed for way too long. They inherited a country and have been fooling round with that country for too long. They refused to quit the Limelight, Politics, Governance and Management forever. They educated their Children to wait and wait and wait while they plunder and wreck the Nigerian Nation for eternity. Our today is Suffering because the moulders of Yesterday took their eyes off the ball. We are lost as Children because our Parents failed with Parenting. A Country was handed over to them and they are handing over to us a Failed State. OH PARENT! The Cries of your Children Should bring Blood to your Eyes.

With all the Noise about our Suffering and Pain in recent times, We are Forgetting that Guidance and Direction has been Lacking from Leadership and Governance in our Homes, in our Businesses and in our Governments for too long. Forward thinking was Sacrificed for Instant Rewards; Our Future was completely Ignored for what we can get NOW! NOW!!. Our Factories and Schools which are agents of Growth and Sustainability were relegated for Churches/Mosques and Politics which are Agents of Corruption, Miracles and Underdevelopment. We as a people stopped Thinking, We Stopped Building and we Stopped any form of Research. We became a society that spends more time on her knees than on her feet. Our Fault as a Country is a Product of our Failure as Parents. The Miseducation of the Nigerian Children today, started in our homes of Yesterday. This Suffering and Pain of the Nigerian is a direct consequences of our Parents inaction with Regards Nationalism, Governance and Societal Development.

This should be a moment of Sober reflection, A time of Sober reawakening and a period of Absolute Desire to change for the better. How wrong can I be? Our Parents who should support the Realignment desires and drive of PMB are those who are complaining the most. The Foundation of their Personal Ego and Selfish Interest or Desires is being Threatened by President Buhari. Our Society that has been on the verge of an Economic Crisis for decades must continue to suffer according to our parents.  Our Parents are still the same ones not interested in charting a new course for our Future. Our Parents who failed in their time to work for the betterment of this country are the same people who are against a change of approach to make the Country a better place. It hurts to see that Nigerians are mostly interested in their expectation of Miracles than the difficult process of Work and Nations Building. The Miseducation of the Nigeria is coming home to hurt us all. Our Failure to Launch has grounded this Nation dangerously; Our Dependency on Fraudulent Morality has wrecked our Path to Progress and our Impatience in the face of Fundamental and Foundational Re-Engineering will kill more of our future.

I am Retson Akpomejevwe Nyemachi Tedheke; A Nigerian First; A Nigeria Only and a Nigerian Always.


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