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"If we don't stand up to Buhari on time, we would be so hungry by 2019 to come out to vote or protest" -Abhu Marvix

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Author: Abhu Marvix
By September 30 more than 5000 MTN call center agents would be out of their jobs! Yet some people think we should keep quiet, with that number out of jobs who can imagine the multiplier effect? Some want to still blame it on oil price crash and others on corruption but majority are scared of saying the truth that we employed an incompetent man to preside over the nation and he in turn employed clowns to manage the economy.
If we don't stand up to Buhari on time, we would be so hungry by 2019 to come out to vote or protest. This is not the first time these things happen, when Babangida ran this country for 8yrs you think it was a fluke, when Abacha was poised to rule for life you think Nigerians then were more stupid than those 15m Mumus that voted this mistake and those still defending him at this point!

If you are sure you can think, try and think again and ask yourself, what exactly has Buhari and his team done or try to do to keep the economy afloat, what exactly have they done to inspire confidence in us or in our ability to swing the country back, what did the President achieve in delaying the devaluation of the currency, what did he achieve by blocking deposits and withdrawals from domiciliary accounts, what has been his achievement in the fight against corruption, how has TSA improved the economy or even improved Govt intervention in critical sectors, how has the govt impacted on Agriculture and it's value chain, what new infrastructure has the govt started or renovated, how has the govt improved the peace in the Niger Delta, how has his so called victory over BH benefitted the people of the Northeast that are dying of hunger in IDP camps, in what way has he shown us good faith?
Has he in any way improved our confidence in the electoral system, has he improved our confidence in our educational institutions, has he in any way improved your confidence in our healthcare facilities, has he improved your confidence in our security agencies like the Police, the army, the DSS, has he given you any confidence to convert your dollars if you have to naira, has he even given you any reason to believe in his capacity, a man that would read "Spirit" as "Siprit" are u inspired in his speeches or reactions to issues, are you confident that he has any plans to tackle the Fulani herdsmen?
My brothers and sisters we must think, we must think deeper, even if you are hell bent on investing more emotional capital on this govt do a due diligence check on his capability and capacity, ask yourself which of his many campaign promises has he fulfilled in 16months, which one was easy enough and what has he done about it.
Brethren at this point we are far too kind to President Buhari if we are not debating his resignation or his outright impeachment for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty.
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