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Please! A chance to live...will you give it?


As a young boy of fifteen years that had just lost his mother, I could not understand why bad things should happen to people, especially when you've tried to be good all your life, until I was forced in turn. I was diagnosed of a kidney disease 13 years ago. Doctors say it is now ESRD - End Stage Renal Disease (i.e kidney failure) and I must do a kidney transplant as soon as possible. I've been placed on twice weekly sessions of haemodialysis since March, where my body is connected to a machine that acts as artificial kidney and does one of the kidney's work of removing impurities from my blood. A session of haemodialysis is at least #35000 and it is expected I do this twice every week until the kidney transplant. The cost of the kidney transplant is #7 million (seven million naira) which is highly beyond the reach of my family. I have also not been able to keep a regular dialysis sessions, against the doctor's advice, due to the financial burden on me. This is why I have resolved to raising fund to meet my medical need by reaching out to individuals and organisations for assistance. I do not want to die in silence cause I have nobody to turn to (but God). I need help.

Seeing many equally deserving fundraisings like this from time to time and having being part of one or two myself, I cannot give any reason why mine is special or justify it's purpose than I want to live! I want to experience life without bolts of affliction. I want to have a life.
I've come to bear this ordeal by no reason of my lifestyle or family ties, as the cause couldn't be established by the doctors. I haven't lived recklessly or experienced any known cause. Fate just played it's sovereignty card on me.

The kidney transplant is my best chance of living close to a healthy life. A far cry chance for someone who's had battle with pneumonia, tuberculosis, bouts of typhoid fever, frequent malaria fever and infections, anaemia, hypertension and other complications of a kidney impairment. The cost of this affliction in finance, aspirations and relationships is inestimable. You could be giving me that chance to live for something. I want to reach out for a goal, pursue an ambition. I want to see the world. Maybe build a family.

I have tolled this path because I believe my heart will reach out to someone, someone too kind in these turbulent times to lend a hand. I wish I could work my way through this but I'm unemployed with a broke parent. I must cry out for help.
Really, the next choice you make might influence if I live or not. I beg of you, do not think your contribution would be too small and unimportant. I have not earned your time and money but I plead of you let my life earn it. Even a kobo matters to this cause!

May God, Almighty, bless you indeed(Amen).

My name is Okunola Damilola Samuel

Donate to 0030869094_Gtbank.

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