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Retson A. Tedheke says "The Nigerian Economy is a Reflection of the Nigerian People"

THIS RECESSION was Inevitable Yesterday; Cannot be Wished Away Today; Most Probably will be Around tomorrow. This is simply because as a People we are mostly Guilty of the Mentality of Sustained Ignorance; Continuing Dependency; Addictive Destructive Habits; Functional Illiteracy and the Corrupt Miracle Mindset. Our lifestyle was a LIE; Our Economy was a FALSE; Our Miracles were a FRAUD and Our Humanity was a FAKE. We are all still in a State of Hypnotic Hypnotism; Our Expectations are clouded by our hope in the immediate. As a Nation and as a People, we have stopped Planting Trees; We have Stopped Educating our Today for a Better Future; We have ignored and Forgotten our History and so we lack an understanding of why we are here in the firstplace. Our reality of today will be be lost if our miseducation is not halted. Our current State of Economic and Societal Quagmire is a reflection of our failings as human beings. Let it be said that Leadership without Nationalism is DEAD; Let it be know that a People driven Externally can Never be independent; Let our Churches and our Mosque sound the Alarms Demanding for Determined; Dedicated and Devoted Nationalist at all Levels of Governance and Leadership. Without Economic Nationalism, our Tomorrow will mirror our today as the Mistakes of Yesterday will be continually repeated. The Foundation and the Fundamentals of the Nigerian Economic cannot hold; We have had an Economy that was built on CORRUPTION, MIRACLES and IGNORANCE. The results and our today should never be a SURPRISE.

What PMB is attempting to do, even though slowly is the only way we can be assured that our future will not Mirror our Today. Fiscal Sanity is at the core of Restructuring the Mentality of a People whose History clearly solidifies the belief that Looting is a Blessing from God. That progress in Human Endeavours is because God wills it, not Because we have worked hard or worked well. That our Failure as a People is because we are not Worshipping God properly. We must as a people connect the dots to be able to outline the VISION. We are failing because we have a faulty foundation and our past is having no Historical influence on the People and our Leadership. PMB is attempting to change that and we are continuing to resist what is clearly a way out of our current predicament. The Nigerian Economy is a Reflection of the Nigerian People; It is failing because we are failing. Our Consumption habit is a Reflection of the Quality and the Value of our Education; We have no Confidence in the Nigerian Dream; Whatever is Foreign is good and what is Nigerian is Bad. Our lack of Medium to Long term Planning as a people is enabling and promoting the Elite Political Criminality in the Nigerian State. The only thing that works for us is the short term, that is why we seek Devaluation; Importation; Services Centric Investments; Instant Gratification, Paper Qualifications, Generalization, Continuing Over-bloated Recurrent Expenditure and Spirituality in Businesses and Governance.

'The Chains of Bad Habit are too easy to be felt until they are too Difficult to be broken'. PMB and Well meaning Nigerians are trying to break those Chains and Long-suffering must be the result. We creating this mess for our people and our country; We cannot now begin to want this cup to pass us bye. This is our Cross, This is our Pain, This is our Suffering and we have EARNED IT, We must FIX IT.

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