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#OCCUPYUNLTD: "Our Judiciary is a cesspool of Audacious Highest Bidding Criminality" -Retson A Tedheke

This is not a joke. The battle is drawing closing and Nigerians are vexed and ready to reclaim Nigeria from political criminality in governance. 

The convener Retson Tedheke will never relent in his cry for revolution in Nigeria. The youths need restructuring of the mind and the time for that is now and NOW.

Retson Tedheke is calling on Nigerians to participate massively in the National prores, Abuja protest,  The National Assembly protest and the People's event commencing 15th November at the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY complex Abuja.

Read his message below...

IN THREE WEEKS; The Ordinary Nigerians Driven by the Anger against Political Criminality; The Sustain Poverty of our Collective Humanity; The Demonic Tendencies of our Political Leadership; The Mindless Looting of our Commonwealth; The Eternal Hunger in all of our Communities and The Continuing Failure of Governance to fulfil the Dreams of the Nation will begin a Peaceful Revolution to #ReclaimNigeria from the Enemies of this Great Nation *'THE POLITICIANS'.*

*Politicians* are Killing the Nigeria Dream; They are Ravaging and Infesting the Nigeria Mentality like a Plague; They are Corrupting every Institution in the Nigeria Nation, They have succeeded in Fraudulently creating an Evil Relationship between Societal, Moral and Political Institutions. We must rise up and fight our the future we seek will be lost to the Corrupt Destructive Habits we have ignored for too long.

*Corruption* is Killing Tens of Thousands in our Roads Annually; Tens of Thousands of Nigeria Children are dying from Poverty and Hunger; Tens of Millions of Nigeria Parents cannot afford to pay School Fees; Perpetual Debt has become the only constant in Nigeria Homes; Tens of Millions of Nigerians cannot afford two meal a day; Housing and Accommodation for Tens of Millions of Nigerians is a Luxury; 70% of Nigeria Youths are Unemployed and Hungry; Electricity is still a luxury after Tens of Billions of Dollars were wasted over the past decades; Our Hospitals have become death zones; our Healthcare Systems have all collapsed; Our Educational Infrastructure have been dead for so long; Our States are Continually being run like the Private Properties of the Governors; our Local Governments are being Looted with Impunity; Our Judiciary is a cesspool of Audacious Highest Bidding Criminality; Our Security Agencies have made Bribery a Cardinal pillar of Policing; Our homes have become places where Corruption is celebrated as Miracles; Our Parents have become the Biggest Pushers of National Stealing; Our Civil and Public Servants have turned the Institutions of Services into Institutions of Looting; Our Constituencies have become tools used by Politicians to Impoverish the People and our young ones have abandoned every form of Hardwork for Quick Cash. Our decades of Bad Habits is coming home to roost.

*Failure* has a Nigerian Middle name and so *Revolution* Must have a Nigerian Surname. There should be no fear of the Unknown; We must drive this National Rebirth with the Spirit of the *Spartans*; The Energy of *The 300*; The Total Commitment of *The Hausas*; The Educational Intelligence of *The Yorubas*, The Management Intensity of *The Ibos*, The Guts and the Bravado of *The Niger Deltans*, The Connecting Capacity of *The Middle Belters*, *The Warrior Spirit* of Legendary Nigerian Heros and *The Resilence* of the average Nigerians.

*Our Collective Voice* is our Weapon; Our Fearlessness is our Tool; Our Anger Solidifies our Bond. None of us will and must Walk Alone; Your Nation Needs You; Your People Needs You. Your God will only fight for those who are willing to fight for Themselves. Pray if you must; but on Tuesday, 15th November, 2016 your Presence is Needed at the National Assembly, The EFCC, The Judiciary and the RMAFC. It is time to look Politicians in the Eye and tell them *ENOUGH IS ENOUGH*. It is time to Declare War on the Enemies of this Nation. It is time to Join in Fighting the Demon that is Named PDP and APC. It is time to Walk the Talk. You are Recruited; You are Inducted; You are Mobilized and You must Recruit, Support and get Nigerians to the FCT in Numbers as the Revolution Begins.

*WE suffer today* because we failed yesterday; We must Fight for this country Today to enable our Children succeed Tomorrow. *It is time to begin Plantings Trees again in Nigeria.* We must Be The Change We Seek. We are the Change we have been waiting for.




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