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In Nigeria Today, From the West to the North, the Ibo man is known to be one of the most entrepreneurial mind in the country. if a survey is done to evaluate the ownership of businesses, properties and investments generally even in places like Kano or Akure, you will realize that the dominate ownership is the Ibo man. So it is Particularly Pathetic and Unfortunate when all they seem to be talking about is the deception call Biafra. How can a people be so manipulated, brainwashed, misinformed and miseducated to ignore what empowers them and chases what diminishes their humanity? Have we not learnt anything from History? Nationhood is Bloody, Hard and Impossible when deception is the Currency of Demand. How can a people so fail to see that in the cause of creating enemies across the Nigerian Nation, the only people who will ultimately suffer are the Ibos? How can our hate in the South East for the Nigeria State so blind us to our capacity and Ability to make the South East the Dubai of the Nation as well as the engine room of the Nigerian Economy? Are we Cursed? are we Insane? is this Entertainment or Gross Mental Insanity? Are we Doom to Repeat the Mistakes of Yesterday because the Leadership in the South East is Preoccupied with Political Power Grab, Mindless Criminality and Sustained Looting of our Commonwealth and Resources?

The problem of the people from the South East is not the man in Aso Rock from Daura or the ordinary Hausa or Yoruba man on the Streets of Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Warri or Ijesha. The problem is the Criminal Mindless Business Elites and Politicians whose interest is never with the Ibo Nations Building Project but the Corrupt Looting of the Resources Needed to Develop the South East. Because we must be forced to ask the question. Where have all the Hundreds of Billions of Naira Allocated to the Region over the past decades gone? Where are the Impacts of the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Loan Guaranteed by the Federal Government for States in the South East over the past decades? Where are the IGR, The Taxes and Various Draconian Levies Collected by Government at the States and the Local Level in the South East over the past decades? The People of the South East are Being Looted, Criminalized and Bastardized without the right Leadership to fight for the interest of the People rather than some Mirage call Biafra. The Suffering of the People from the South East is also the Suffering of the People from the other Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria. It is therefore retrospectively insane to begin to think that a people with a problem would suddenly be relieved when they are attached with a tag #BIAFRA.

Now how do you begin to imagine that while the agitation for the State of Biafra is being demanded by the gullible Ibo youths, those who have been or are in Positions of Authority are either not interested or are continuing their expansive investments in other part of Nigeria? Have we even considered that the Population of our People from the South East outside the Region is twice the population of those in the South East? How can we who are suppose to be looking at making the South East the Centralize Industrial Hub of the Nigeria Nation be the ones who are driving a wedge of deceit between Nigeria and our own people. When President Muhammadu Buhari sings the Localization and Nigerianization song; The South East are suppose to be the ones to drive the Narrative. When you have a willing Partner, who is interested in the Nigerianization of the Nigerian Economy; We are busy creating or Poisoning the environment that are ordinarily designed to favour that which will promote the industrialization of the South East. Why have we become the enemy of our own home? Why are we eliminating the chances of Ibonising the Nigerian Economy by Nationalizing the Ibo Thought for a United and Prosperous Nigeria as well as for the benefits of all?

I cannot STAND here and tell you there are no Problems of Trust in Nigeria. I will be the Last to say that the Ibo nation has not undergone persecution. I will be foolish to ignore the Hunger that was used as a tool to Starve the Ibo Nation during the Civil War. I am perfectly in the know about the problems of the Nigeria Structure; But let me be clear that the Major Problem of the Ibo Nation is also the Major issue with the Nigeria State. 'The Mind'. The Mind must first be Liberated; The Thoughts must be Harmonized and the People of the South East, My Brothers must know that the Development of the Region is horrible because the leaders in the Region have Failed. From Political; To Religion; From Societal to Communal; The Failure of Leadership is evident in our Agitation for Fairness, Justice and Equality for Every Nigerian not Just for Every Ibo Man. And so the Mind of the typical Ibo Leader Needs a Revolution to be realigned for the Interest of the People rather than the interest of their pockets. Biafra is not the Solution to a Problem that is Characterized by Greed, Selfishness, Corruption, Mindless Impunity and Sustained Criminality. Those who are Agitating for Biafra Today where Agitating for Nigeria Yesterday. Those who Think President Buhari is a Demon Today, marched on the Streets of London for Nigeria Yesterday and Those who are Asking for Blood to be shed for the Actualization of Biafra today are those who have Looted and are Looting the Resources meant for the South East Development Yesterday and Today.

Activism is the Highest form of Humanity; Good Governance is the essence of all Struggle that are determine to change a People and a Nation. Citizens Advocacy and Mass Empowerment of a People are the ingredients of Popular Movement necessary for Effective Monitoring and Proper Accountability of those in Leadership Position. If you cannot fight for the People of the South East to have a better Life, Future and reasonable coexistence in the Nigerian Structure; You will not Fight for the Interest of the Ibo Man or Woman in the Biafra Project. And so I call on all Sons and Daughters of the Great Ibo Kingdom to seek solutions that are Nationalistic; Holistic and Eternal. Solutions that grinds at the Heart of the problem of the Ibo Nation and that is the Failure of leadership and the Docility of the Populace. Until the Ibo Man or Woman begins to demand Accountability and Responsibility from most of the Fraudsters in the Ibo Kingdom called Leaders; We will fail for the Deception that is Biafra Today which is Mostly Sentimental; Emotional; Bigoted; Tribalistic and ANTI-IBO.

"Corgito Ergo Sum"- Think Ibos and Believe in Nationalism Because our #MumuDonDo

CC: Frank Eze;
Efe T. Williams;
Okey Nwoke;
Chidinma Nnadi;
Osita Chiagorom;
Johnson Andrew;
Bello Augustine;
Eno Beké Ikwen;
Vickie Owodunni;
Lawrence Ibe;
Angela Uyi Dpa
Nzeribe Enzo Uzordimma
Nnokam Amadi Nnokam;
Chibueze Iheukwumere C Ihejirika

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