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Celebrate The Military Fragging That claimed 52 lives and injured many- Angela Uyi

The government dehumanized our people and the same people are taking it as normal business. It happens everywhere so it's bound to happen in Nigeria. Please don't dwell much on it.

Asymmetrical warfare is a euphemism for terrorism, just like collateral damage is a euphemism for killing innocent civilians.- Alan Dershowitz

I have no formal proof, but I dare not believe that this claim should be treated as collateral damage in this kind of our Nigerian political settings.

It wasn't a ghost that dropped the bomb or was it?
The man or the person that led the operation and his team should be investigated and think of possible ways of preventing same costly military error from reoccurring.
We are just tired of seeing American film tricks happening in a country called Nigeria.

In 2017 some educated folks can't sit down and ask some valid questions.
Yes military mistakenly dropped a bomb and should we organize a party because mistakes are bound to happen?

Those who are learned and more human and not the barbaric people who claimed they love Nigeria and Nigerians told me that  bombs don't just fall of Jets, no matter the threat, there are rules of engagement in air strikes, ... you fly over areas of threat for confirmation of threat... transmit threat level report to Air Support Command... collect data of coodinates for precision... maneuver for engagement... lock on target.. request permission from Air Command to carry on offensive... You remain locked on to target until Air Command grants permission ..

And some folks who claimed to be more educated has refused to ask these Valid Questions:

1. Did the bomb fall off from its locked chambers?

2. Was the IDP Camp mistaken for a Boko Haram camp?

3. Was the reported threat mobile or stationary?

4. What is the identity of the Jet Pilot.

5. Who granted the last permission for the air strike?

6. Why was it the Army Command that made the release in an accident committed by the Airforce and not the Defense HQ or Airforce Command?

This accidental bombing violates international humanitarian law. Victims should not be denied access to seek redress merely because the government decided the bombing was accidental and so many Nigerians are in the support of the government. Universal error is not generally acceptable.
We can only learn from our mistakes if we are ready to drop the pride in us and investigate the cause of the mistake.
The fact that everyone makes them doesn't mean we should glorify the mistake of others.

If 52 lives means nothing to you then it means nobody is safe in this country.
It's very sad and we hope the government will look into it to enable them prevent future occurrence.

May God accept the souls of the dead.
I rest my case.

I am free to believe whatever I like and you are free to comment whatever you like.

I am Angela,
Advocate for Transparency and accountability.
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