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Retson AO Tedheke| I See Alliances; Partnership and Collaborations

#TEAMNAIJA: I Think Therefore I am; I Fight Because I can; I am Optimistic Because I Choose Nationalism ahead of Selfish  Criminal Individualism; I see Hopefulness in Nigeria’s Hopelessness; I See Warriors in the Midst of Overwhelming Cowardice. I Believe in the Nigerian Spirit because Nothing can Change this Country without the #NaijaUltras.

I See New, Young and Dynamic Leaders who are Silent but Feeling the Need and  Readiness to be Engaged in the Nigerian Project;  I See a Future that can be Better than our Yesterday; I See You and Me Holding the Line and Fighting for a Country We Can all be Proud of. I See Citizens who are Defiantly Determined to Reclaim Their Country. I See a People who are making the Transition from Fearful Hopelessness to Hopeful Fearlessness. I See a Populace Ready to Overcome decades of Docility and A People Motivated by the Collective Suffering, Hunger and Anger of a Country. I Feel the Ever Growing and Intense Willingness to Aggressively Confront Political Leadership that has Failed us for too Long.

I SEE YOU & ME. I See Alliances; Partnership; Collaborations; Brotherhood and a Bond That is Ready to Defeat our Collective Enemy. We Will Be United; Defeat will not make us Weaker but Stronger;  The Pain of one Will be the Pain of all. We have This Country to be Be Proud of; Join Me as We Fight to Nigeria Great Again.

I FEEL YOU & I FEEL ME. We are Ready; We are Coming; We are Fearless & We Will Battle Fiercely in our Struggles for a Better Nation and Good Governance. We No Get Choice. Let 2017 Be the Beginning  of our Insane Resistance Against Political Insanity, Mindless Corruption, Mental Emancipation from our Divisive Mentality and Continuing Revolution for a Country we can all be Proud to call HOME.

Retson AO Tedheke;

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