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Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is an organisation that is meant to uphold the standard teachings of Jesus Christ. It is an organisation that should promote peaceful co-existence among all Nigerians, irrespective of religion, region and ethnicity. But unfortunately, it seems CAN was only interested in religious crises in Nigeria. The reasons are these:

As soon as the Southern Kaduna killings took place, the CAN took the mega phone to announce that more than 800 Christians have been killed by their supposedly MUSLIMS neighbors who are FULANIS and HAUSAS! It was indeed very difficult for someone far away to get the true story of what really happened.

Anyone with human feelings must be burning with anger against the Fulanis, and against the Muslims. Even the Media, which was supposed to do a diligent investigation simply echo the noise of the CAN. The foundation for worst religious and ethnic clashes was getting laid!

But the Channels TV, was able to dig deep into the matter during its "Daily Sunrise" on Friday, 6th January, 2017. The indepth interrogation between the duo of Channels journalists, and the Southern Kaduna indigenes was in sharp contrast to the position of CAN.

The first person to talk was  Barr. Auta Maisamari, an official of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union.
He strongly absolved their neighbours from that barbaric act. The love and harmony that exists between them, as explained by Barr. Auta was envious to anyone listening to him!

The next person to speak was Dr. Isuwa Dogo, a former chairman of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union in Lagos. He said, "Those who are killing us are not Fulani herdsmen who are our neighbors, they were only been used for cover... For a Fulani herdsmen to buy one AK47 he must sell 5 cows, no Fulani herdsmen in Southern Kaduna would do that! We have been living together for more than 50years"

Ibrahim Abdullah, a National Asst. Secretary of Myetti Allah, the herdsmen association was the last speaker. His position was not different. His own analysis of the crisis pointed to the disagreement between the herdsmen from Cameron, passing through international routes, and a local farmer.

The Christian Association of Nigeria should shed its hatred for Islam and the Muslims. It must know that only the promotion of religious tolerance and good neighbourliness is the tool by which it could remain popular,not the propaganda that some imaginary persons want to ISLAMISE Nigeria.

A lot of us have many Christians as our core family members, friends, business partners and there is just no way we can live in isolation of one another. CAN should not see Muslims as a group of people that must be subdued or frustrated.

It is granted that some Muslims are mischievous in their thoughts and actions, every good Muslims is also fighting against this. Our goal must be to live in a country where love and peace shall reign above hatred and hooliganism.

May God repose the souls of all those who died in that unfortunate INCIDENT and expose the criminals behind the killings. Aamin.
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