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Angela Uyi blast Ralph Odua for advising Followers to buy guns

Okay, the day was going smoothly for one Mr. Ralph until he met the goddess of social media Angela Uyi the Founder of The Counsellor Organization and the Winner of Katsina State Gov't  Social Media Personality of the year 2016. The goddess who is also a peace advocate got irritated by the post made by the man in Edo Political forum.
read the post after the cut and the comments....
Ralph Odua

Dont be afraid of north especially the animals called Fulanis, they do not have monopoly of violence, be ready for them, stand your ground. If they come to your area chase them away they are criminals. They cannot defeat you. They are emboldened when you are scared of them, if they can buy guns, buy your gun. Dont listen to the stupid govt that cannot protect you. We will all die regardless. Protect you mothers, sisters and daughters, who will protect them if you dont. Fear will not give you peace. It will not stop them from killing you

Angela Uyi Dpa @Ralph advising your followers to buy guns how and from where? 
Easy to come online asking people to buy guns and afterwards they should go on shooting at sight? And when arrested with the guns will you be there to stand by them? 
With due respect sir, kindly use this platform to educate the misguided and miseducated and not inciting hates.

Violence is not our culture in Edo State so lead the people right.
Ranger Amadasun You can close your eyes turn you are killed
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Angela Uyi Dpa Death is the reason why we are alive so no fear for me. All dead Na close eyes.

You stay online following those who are far away asking you to buy guns for self defence. Oya go and buy the gun. And kill all the Fulanis you know..
...See More
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Nosakhare Edwin Idehen i know why u spoke this way.. u live among Northerners and survive on their influence.... for me, i implore every none Muslim and none Hausa-Fulani who may be subjected to attack or killing anywhere in Nigeria to defend themselves.. They should use anything within their reach to defend themselves and their family. i do not ask them to go out looking for trouble. but they should not tolerate their attackers.
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Angela Uyi Dpa Talk is cheap. And you think buying guns is the solution. 
Point of correction, I dont live on the influence of no one.
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Nosakhare Edwin Idehen U should Hv ask your northern friends if using guns and machete against none Muslims and none Hausa-Fulani will solve the problems. I am very sure u have ran to safe area in your location in Abuja and even to the south when those marauders engage in ki...See More
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Ranger Amadasun Any Man who at this time is not ready to defend his family and himself, that person is worst than a fool.
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Ralph Odua Angela Uyi Dpa you 2 faced hypocrite, go live in Maiduguri or the hot bed areas of kano and expose the top part of your body like you did in this picture if you will not be stoned to death. Then you will remember Ralph. Just to clarify your lie, i didn...See More
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Angela Uyi Dpa Ralph Odua point of correction, I am always in the North and i think they are better than your low sense of reasoning. I was in Kaduna and Yobe state last 3 weeks before i return to Lagos State for my 1000 walk for Social Justice event that was held t...See More
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Ralph Odua Next time when you go to maiduguri or Kano dress naked and get back to us. Foot soldier my foot show evidence that you condemned the killing of innocent christians in southern kaduna and elsewhere by your Fulani animals. Its easy to live on social justice advocacy, go get a job. We will dig into your group and match the product.
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Angela Uyi Dpa Ralph Odua Keep you advise for your misguided and miseducated followers i see you as an unreasonable fellow.
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The goddess who came as the saving grace of 
Auwal Sa'idu Monita A boy is always a boy,
Azeta Clifford Ikhouria your parents from Syria, Lybia , Iraq Lebanon are being killed by people you call infidel. Boko Haram has brought nothing but shame on Islam. the  of God almighty will prevail against all evil doers.
Lawrence Ehiosun Ighedosa How did this Fulani ram got accepted to this forum?
Ijies Young You and your people reason differently from good Nigerians. That's why we can never be one
Akhionbare Kingsley Birds Of Feathers,,,,
Auwal Sa'idu Monita Wallahi you make me lap
Angela Uyi Dpa Ijies Young and you think the poster reasoned better than the ones all of you are here abusing?
Extreme tribalism is a curse please lets free our minds from it.
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Ijies Young @ Angela,It baffles me that you are yet to understand the tribal politics played in Nigeria since it's attained her independenc.You need to wake up then
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Angela Uyi Dpa i am not a tribal bigot
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Ijies Young I'm not either but I'm following the attitude of our northern brothers.What is your take on Buhari northern agenda?
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Angela Uyi Dpa state the said agenda and i will give my reply accordingly. I wouldn't want to assume i know what you are talking about here.
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