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Group says "Poverty is not SEXY, tasks the Fed gov't to empower the people

 A Civil Society group, “The Counsellor Organisation’’ on Saturday held a 1,000 Walk for Social Justice to educate Nigerians on what they should expect from government as tax payers.

The activists, who converged at Ikeja under bridge, trekked throug Allen Avenue to Ogba.

The Convener and Founder of the group, Miss Angela Uyi, called on government at all levels to provide sustainable job opportunity for every citizen in the country.

In her interview with one of our crew the fearless lady said reason for the walk is to call upon all member States of the United Nations to take all necessary and appropriate action, in conformity with international human rights standards, to combat hatred, discrimination, intolerance, violence, intimidation and coercion against any one or any group justified in the name of religion or religious belief.

"We are reminding the government and the international communities that POVERTY IS NOT SEXY we therefore demand for sustainable employment and empowerment especially for the  Nigerian youths to reduce extreme poverty." Uyi said. 

On corruption: The federal government efforts to kick corruption out of the country is commendable.
The politicians and public office holders in Nigeria are the real enemies of the Nigerian people they loot what doesn't belongs to them with impunity because there is no strict law. Until Nigeria adopt the China Model in dealing with these cancerous cancers eating our collective commonwealth they will not take this war against corruption seriously. We support PMB's fiscal sanitization and anti corruption war 100%.
The political criminals should be warned because their mindless looting has triggered the MOB in the people and the time of fighting back has come.
The sleeping giant in the people has awakened and our days ofdocility is over and our vision is clear.

On terrorism: the fed gov't has done tremendously in bringing terrorists to their kneels in the country.
Sustainable employment and youths empowerment  will reduce crimes in the country.

On Slaves Labour: We say No To casual work force. It is domomic to be using the Nigerian people as casual work force.

On Child Labour:
We want the government to provide free education to all the government schools in the country and such will lead to reduction in child Labour, domestic Labour, Rape, Molestation and child marriage especially the girl child.

"We know that the Fed government can't do it all alone that is why we are on the street to enlighten the Nigerian people that crime is not the pathway to success it brings self destruction."  Angela Uyi said m

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