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My fellow vexed, Angry and Frustrated Nigerians, have you noticed that everyone especially the criminal, demonic politicians and public office holders in Nigeria has started behaving like saints just like Hon. Jibrin Abdulmumin who aided budget padding, joined in stealing public funds and made a U-turn just to blow a whistle because he was denied his percentage.
Where the hell is Jibrin?
Was his suspension not for 90 days?
Has his accusations been reviewed?

We must be ready to challenge audacious criminality; the politicians are killing this country. It is evil and its a SIN if we sits and do nothing. The era of waiting for the future to fix itself is gone. We must be ready to join a revolution that no one can stop.
It is very clear that the Representatives of the People have no understanding of why they where elected to represent us in the first place. Their desire for personal enrichment at the detriment of the Nigerian People is ever increasing and our desire to fightback is now solidified and eternally entrenched.
Have you ever asked yourself WHY?
We must rise up and ask some specific questions, Why is it that the politicians doesn't fear the people?
Why is it that so many politicians has the audacity to steal from the people?
Why is it that in all the sentimental support you come online to give to them they don't care how you survive?
Why is it that when they loot your future they will still use the proceeds to oppress you?
The answer is very simple my dearest Nigerians:
It is the fault of the people because they know that no matter what they do there will never be pressure from the people and they know that the people will always go to the mosque and church to pray because they are lazy and docile.

My people,  the time to begin to pressure the government to give us the desire country that we want has come.

This is not the time when we go to church or Mosque to pray and ask God to punish the politicians.

We must be ready to fight for growth, development, for the betterment of the Nigerians and our country.
For the sake of our future generation we must be ready to go to war and defeat the real enemy of the Nigerian people without weapons but with the words of our mouth and let It be in history that we died fighting for a country that's so dear to us. IT IS WORKING; OUR DAYS OF FIGHTING BACK APPROACHES.

We are a VEXED People DETERMINED  to CHANGE Nigeria for GOOD.
If YOU are not the SOLUTION the you are the PROBLEM.
It is time to Think Nigeria First and Nigeria Always.
Think Nigerians!
I think, therefore I am.

I, Angela Uyi is ready and there is no turning back.
We must engage in educating the Nigerians on the need for a revolutionary spirit capable of triggering the MOB in us all.

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