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Prof. Wole Soyinka says :



"Awolowo was 37 years,
Akintola 36,
Ahmadu Bello 36,
Balewa 34,
Okotie-Eboh 27
and Enahoro 27

And they led the struggle for Nigeria Independence after
the death of Macaulay. Only Zik was 42 at the time!

In 1966, the first military coup was led by K
Nzeogwu who was 29 years

and countered by

M.Mohammed 28,
T. Danjuma 28,
I. Babangida 25,
J. Garba 23,
Sani Abacha 23,
and M. Yar'adua 23,

And brought into power

Y. Gowon 32,
Ojukwu 33,
Obasanjo 29,
And Buhari 24!

Most of the military governors who governed the
states under the successive military regimes were
under 30 years.

Also, the brief democratic dispensation which interjected the military interregnums also saw some
Senators and members of the House of
Representatives, in particular, populated by persons
under 30!

Under 30's were also not in short supply with appointments - we have examples of

MT Mbu who
became Nigeria's Foreign Affairs Minister at 23

and Pat Utomi who became a Federal Adviser at 27

And so on and so forth!

NOW: Why is it that almost all this age bracket is today still sleeping in 3-seater chairs in their parents’ homes?

Why is it that this age bracket is today still collecting pocket money from their parents?

Why is it that this age bracket is today still writing JAMB?

Why is it that this age bracket today still 'sagg' their trousers?

Why is it that this age bracket is today still
searching for jobs and not yet married?

Why is it that this age bracket is today no longer qualified to even be leaders of youth wings of political parties?

Why is it that this age bracket is today so docile?

Why is this age bracket today incapable of feeding itself?

Why is it that this age bracket is today barred from even aspiring to certain political offices?

Why is it that this age bracket is today incapacitated, unwilling, unable and incapable of
asking questions?


From Prof Wole Soyinka.

This is real Food for Thought!


We didn't get it wrong but your greedy generation got it wrong by failing to retire to the comfort of their bedrooms and become advisers to our generation.

They got it wrong by using culture and tradition to suppress the agitations of the youth which the older generation before them did not use against them.

They got it all wrong by thinking that this generation is retarded and lazy to confront your generation who have so bastardized this generation to a state of zombie idiocy.

They got it all wrong by their continuing manip ulating of their age just to remain in political and public positions.

They got it all wrong thinking we will not fight back and flush out old blood from leadership.
They got it all wrong by thinking we will allow our docility of yesterday to hurt our today and ruin our tomorrow and as well go to our various prayer houses to pray and wait for the future to fix itself.

Be bold to tell Nigerians and the world "Those Who Destroyed Nigeria Were Born Between 1934-1966 - The Worst Generation since the existence of humanity"

Your generation brought us here. You grew up and became self absorbed! You jettisoned all you were taught by the generation before. You are the most hypocritical in the history of Nigeria.

Your generation never fought for anything, you hold no enduring beliefs, no defining values and you stand for nothing.

Tell your generation that they got it all wrong and the people are ready for "TECHNOLOGICAL,FORMIDABLE AND IDEOLOGICAL REVOLUTION"; we are ready to fight with the last blood in our brains and water to reclaim what's rightly ours.
Your parents handed you strong communal ethos, your generation subtracted yourselves to become individualistic, greedy and self-centered.

Your parents were open, you are closed and bigoted. Your parents gave back to the society, you removed from it.

Tell your generation that they can cry us a river and wail us blood but our days of fighting back approaches.

We are ready because we know that freedom from mental poverty and from the continuing suffering of the Nigerian people is a constant struggle and our Aluta is Eternal.

I am Angela Uyi and above is my simple reply to Prof. Wole Soyinka.

Think Nigeria First and Nigeria Always.
Think Nigerians! Think!

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  1. Well said ...
    Our Aluta is eternal ....
    Our struggle is constant...
    Nigeria first and Always ...
    Regaining our consciousness.....
    The moving train is moving...
    And our resolves is high than ever...

    1. The youth must be ready to speak out no matter if the leaders are listening or not. Our destiny is in our hands. Aluta is Eternal.

  2. Thanks so much. Needs to be said. It's about time that man let the younger generation speak. He is also part of the problem. Not wanting to leave the center stage. Agba ya

    1. It's left for the youths to rise up and reclaim what's been stolen from them. Nothing will change unless and except we are ready to change

  3. Yes. Well said. Youths are the future of any nation. We need fresh ideas to move this Nation Nigeria forward.

    1. That's why we must say to hell with traditions and culture and look into the eyes of the elders and tell them enough is enough.

  4. How i their generation learn from generation before them.

    1. Yes they did but they are denying us such privilege.

  5. Hmmnnn,deep stuff,daring too,very potent argument as I hope Prof with reply with hope & good caution.
    Welldone Angela for the bold confrontation without fears.

    1. Thank You my comrade.
      I awaits his reply that's if he would. Lol

  6. Oluwatuyi korede krozieMarch 30, 2017 at 5:19 PM

    This is well said, I hope Nigerian youth wil rise up to the reality at hand... Am with you Angela

    1. The time to rise up against these old blood is now unless and except we want our docility of yesterday to hurt our today and ruin our tomorrow. The next generation will ask us questions and we must be ready to answer them


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