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Opinion| Menace in Southern Kaduna Despite Huge Security-Angela Uyi

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Last time I posted that Governor Nasiru El Rufai was being sympathetic towards these ruthless Fulani Herdsmen he claimed were foreigners and my people almost skinned me alive.
The problem is that not a single one of the foreign herdsmen he claimed were responsible for killing hundreds of Southern Kaduna people has been arrested for murder. Not a single one of them has faced the consequences of their crimes. With no fear or doubt I think El Rufai is hindering the investigation since he could not provide the whereabouts of these ruthless criminals in the clothing of Fulani Herdsmen.

El Rufai should please give Justice to the victims of Southern Kaduna killings in Nigeria.
Government critiques are held behind bars for no just reason. Whereas Governor El-Rufai who is the inciter-in-chief in Kaduna. Just the other day, he was on Channels TV accusing Southern Kaduna elders and church leaders of encouraging and profiting from the murder of their own people! What could be more inciting than this recklessly rabble-rousing statement?
Southern Kaduna is confronted with the problem of Muslims and Christians that has been there for years, clatters between farmers and Herdsmen, visitor and indigens and people who pelt in the bush to attack innocent people at night for no motive.
El Rufai and the FG should have this in mind "A threat to peace in Southern Kaduna is a threat to peace in all the States of the federation. If there is no peace in Southern Kaduna, there is no way Kaduna State will be in peace and such will hinder national development and progress.
At least 800 plus Citizens have lost their lives in the region of Southern Kaduna despite the deployment of security forces by the President of Nigeria (Army spokesman, Brigadier General Sani Usman made this known while fielding questions from journalists during a press conference at the Army Headquarters in Abuja.)
Nigerian Army claimed that the Army is working with other sister security agencies, including traditional and religious leaders to find lasting solution to the crisis in the area there is yet to be peace in that region.
People are dying every day and the government claims enough is being done without results. Villagers have been killed with machetes, a few by firearms and some burned alive. Others have been mutilated.
It is widely known that the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists are behind these killings. In 2016, FG deployed soldiers to “eliminate” the threat posed by the group. While the operation was portrayed as a success by the FG and Military, violence against civilians hasn’t stopped in the region.
Join us to call for the Fed government and state government to take more effective steps to protect civilians; promptly conduct impartial and thorough investigations on the killings in Southern Kaduna and other affected parts of the country.
The government should also investigate the claims made that Fulani are not given admission into government institutions in southern Kaduna including College of Education, College of Nursing, the Kaduna state University (KASU) and the Kaduna Polytechnic, Agricultural Department. So I want to call on the government to as a matter of urgency look into it and inverse the trend as it is one of the solutions to finding lasting peace in the area.
I urge the federal government and the said Governor Nasiru El Rufai, to take necessary steps to protect citizens in Southern Kaduna, provide urgent political solution, conduct an impartial investigation into the killings in SK and bring all those suspected of criminal responsibility for human rights violations or crimes under international law to justice in fair trials before ordinary civil courts with recourse to death penalty when necessary.
Angela Uyi.
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