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Be Angry, Be Vexed And Be Frustrated Enough To Stand For Justice

Written by Angela Uyi
Corgito Ergo Sum" I Think Therefore I Am; It Is Time To Think Nigeria First And Nigeria Always And Fight For A County We Desire, A Country That We Will Be So Proud To Tell The Future That We Fought The Failure Of Yesterday To Secure Our Tomorrow Today.

Before I Proceed, I Would Say Ignominy Is Unto The Leaders And Their Continuing Silence Means They Are In Support Of The Predicament That Has Befallen The Igbos Living In The Northern Part Of Nigeria.
All They Know Best Is To Steal From Public Treasury, Loot The People's Commonwealth And Replaced It With Perpetual Confusing Hopelessness.
They Have Bastardized The Morality Of The People That Voted Them Into Power.

They Have Given Nothing Noble To The State They Governed. These Set Of Political Criminals Are The Reason Why The People Are Crying Marginalization.
The Failure Of The Leaders Is Our Fault As A People Because We Have Distant Ourselves From Governance, We Think Politics And How It Is Run Is Not Our Business. Our Political Ignorance Has Given These Politicians The Grace To Place The People In A State Of Zombie Idiocy Because They Know That Whatever They Do To The People They Will Never Be Valiant Enough To Question Their Mindless Looting Of State Funds And Allocations.
These Same Set Of Political Leaders Has Made The People To Believe That The President At The Federal Level Is The Problem.
If You Can't Hold Your State Governors Accountable Then I Would Leave You To Continue To Flounder In The Exhilaration Of Silliness.
The Mis-Education And Deception Of The Nigerian Is A Profanity That We Have Willingly Acknowledged By Picking Sentiments Rather Than Facts; By Presenting Destructive Demonstrative Chronicles Rather Than Methodical Exploration. We Are A Product Of What We Accept.
We Have Over The Years Been Blinded By Those Who Intentionally Used What We Ignorantly Adore Religion And Ethnicity To Divide And Rule Us And Same Has Caused The National Campaign Of Violence That Is Undefeatable Right Now In The Nigeria Scene.
The One Who Hates You Is In Your Local Government, Your State And In Your Region. Fight The Demons Within Before Fighting The Ones Outside Your State Which You Know That It Will Take Only National Bond Of The Nigerian People To Defeat. The Bond Of The People Is Capable Of Frightening The Policy Makers To Formulate Policies That Are Not Based On Greed And On Personal Ground But For The Advancement Of The Collective Interest Of The Nigerian People.
We Strive For Prominence But We Are Too Egocentric To Give; Most Of Us Have Become The Fifth Columnist Within, Destroying The Engines Of The Nigeria Growth And We Want The Best From A Country We So Loathe.
I Am Seriously Vexing Right Now.  Too Many Injustices Everywhere And Too Many Educated Illiterates And It Vexes Me.
When You Made A Call That Will Awake The Aluta Consciousness In The People The Government Is The First To Cry Rabble-Rousing, Subversion And Incitement To Rebellion. But The Misdemeanor Of The Government Against The People Is Worse Than What The People Are Being Accused Of.
Addendums To The Aforementioned, Every Nigerian Must Begin To Realize That These Are Challenging Times Not Because The Government Is Dwindling But Because Over The Years We Have Failed To Do That Which We Would Have Done As A People.
I Am Seriously Angry, Vexed And Frustrated Because We Are Living In A Country Where The Selfish Desires Of The People Has Truncated The Hope Of Tomorrow And True Nationalism Can Never Find The Peace Of National Permanency.
The Youths Must Wake Up! Our Mumu Suppose Don Do Us Na, Abi Dem Swear For Us? Why Do We Waste Our Energy In Defending Corrupt People Whom We Should Have Seen As The Real Enemies Of The Nigerian People And In True Honesty, It Would Have Been Better If We Join Forces Together As People United In Hunger, Vexation And Frustration And Demand Their Prosecution By Our Justice System? There Is No Dignity In Corruption, The Deification Of Corruption By Our Religious Leaders Has Made Dignity To Depart From Our Churches And Mosque And The Preponderance Of Religious Houses Have Become Proxies Of Disparaging Philosophy And The Messages Conveyed Is Use To Divide And Conquer The Masses.  The House Of God Has Become The Den Of Criminals Where National Loots Are Taken To For Fictitious Purification And Deliverance Just To Cover Up The Proceeds Of The Funds.  Our Religious Leaders Are In A Tight Romance With The Politicians, Judicial And Public Office Holders Who Are Using The Collective Commonwealth Of The People As Seeds And Offerings All In The Name Of Finding Mercy From God Almighty And Yet In Their Audacious Criminality They Call Upon God Daily. Any Nation That Seek Greatness Must Be Willing To Fight The Audacious Criminality Of The Few That Pleasured In The Suffering Of Many. Too Bad And Repulsive Eggs In Power, The 1% Of The Population Is Controlling The Remaining 99% In Their Perpetual Docility.  A Nation Is As Virtuous As The Idiosyncrasy Of Her Populaces. We Are Failing Because We All Are At Fault. In Simply Basic Real Terms, We Are Failing Because We Are Mostly Bad People.
I Feel The Hunger Of The Almajiri In The North, The Anger Of The People From The East, The Suffering Of The Educated People From The West And The Consistent Grievance And Frustration Of The People In The South. I Also Glower At Corruption That Is The Cancerous Cancer Eating Deep Into The Fertile Soil Of Nigeria, Deception And Docile Mentality Of Our People.
I Will Therefore Reserve My Tears Today. I See A Future Where Our Leaders Will Be Afraid Of The Voice Of The People Because Our Unity As The Nigerian People Will Solidify Our Bond And Many Of The Youths Will Exemplifies True Nationalism; I See A Future Where Our Security Agencies Would Be Swift In Taking Action Without Waiting For Bribes And Where We Would Have Political And Economic Stability.
I See A Future Where Things Will Be Back To Normal; Where The Youths Will Rise Up In Unity And Begin To Ask Special Questions, Questions That Will Drive Us To A Perfect Position Where We Can Actually Rise Up And Challenge The Politicians, The Judicial And Public Office Holders In Nigeria That Has Become So Prominent In The Political And Economic Structure.
I Will Drop My Pen And Use The Rest Of The Day To Reflect On Why Are We Not Growing As A People? Why Is It That The Politician In Nigeria Has The Audacity To Steal From The People With Impunity? Why Is It That The Leaders Care Less On How The People Are Surviving This Hard Time? Why Are The Leaders Not Afraid Of The People And What The People Can To Take Back What They Have Stolen From Them Over The Years? Why Is That We Are Living Among Selfish And Greed Marauder Parading Themselves As Leaders Looking On How To Ride Their Incompetence On The Good People Of Nigeria?
Why Did I Decide To Pen Down This Message Knowing That Many Would Give Their Destructive Criticism?
Too Many Unanswered WH Questions Are The Reasons Why The Nigerian People Are Lazy And Are Too Afraid To Act But Decide To Go To The Religious Houses To Pray And Wait For God To Do For Them What Man Can Do For Himself.
I Am Angela Uyi, My Words Have An Ancestor; My Deeds Have A Lord. People Have No Knowledge Of This. Therefore Have No Knowledge Of Me. My Words Are Easy To Comprehend. The Fewer That Know The Nobler They Follow Me.
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