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Felix Osemwengie Isere, speaks on Gov. Godwin Obasekil's Appointments and flaws to avoid

Mr Godwin Obasekil Appointments so far , The. Fate of The Media And The Mistake The Governor should not make.

By Felix Osemwengie Isere, Esq, Cnarb.

The media departments of any government plays  a very pivotal role  in the promotion of it policies , works,legitimacy and popularity . The media angle of a government must be virile, organized,  , sound and consistent.

Any government that wants to succeed should never take the media with a key glove, especially the social media that has now become the quickest way to destroy a public officer or a Government and also make it alive.

One very special thing about Governor Godwin Obaseki's appointment is that those who are going to handle the media, both conventional and new media are likely to be people whose names have never been ringing bell before or even after the election. It means new persons are going to handle the media .

I stand to be corrected,  Checking through the names of the Special Assistants, Senior Special Assistants, Commissioners and Special Advisers appointment so far, it is only Prince Lucky Igbinedion that is a name that rings bell among the social media team of GO and APC, and looking from his background as a an Engineer , he is likely going to be deployed to that  a sector where is qualification can be effectively utilized.

Without Prejudice, the Governor may make a big mistake by given the Ministry of information to a person  based on academic degree and not on the basis of his tested competence so far and his ability to carry people along. The Special Adviser on media is a name I heard for the first time and the SSA on media and New Media are likely going to be people who are not known in the media and social media angle apart from Prince Lucky Igbinedion.

The Governor should not make the mistake of appointing a media aide on social media who does not have a facebbok, Twitter, Instagram etc account. Or somebody who has these accounts but not active . These area should be given to somebody who is very active in these platforms. It should be given to somebody who has the leadership ability to mobilise and motivate other people to work online, it should be given to somebody who has the patience and time to interact with people on social media, it should not be given to a psychopath or an arrogant person but somebody who does not insult but respect people and their views. Above all, it should be given to somebody who is known and can bring all the different blocs together .

The era of having a social media aide who only share a post and does not wait to defend it must stop, the era of having a social media aide who is a sadist must stop, the era of having a media aide who travels abroad and does not know what is happening in Edo State must stop, the era of having a social media aide who does not know how to cater for the welfare of those working for the government online but only set up his own team made up of his loyalist and family members must stop and the era of having a big boy who feels too big to respond to comments or questions online must stop.

Me think there are some appointments that ought not to be based on party's recommendations or certificate but based on special knowledge of the person's capacity and competence .  Apart from these names recommended by the party, the governor should look inward and use those that he also know can do the job . He should not abandon his foot soldiers and those who have been with him and have been there for him basically because they don't have party leaders to recommend them.  They should not become tenants in the place  where they ought to be landlords. This my fair admonition should not be misconstrued. It should be seen as a comment of somebody who believes in what is right, fair and true no matter who is involved.

The Governor should substantiate the appointment of Mr John Mayaki as his Chief Press Secretary because he is a blessing to his government. That guy is good, I repeat, the guy is good and the guy is good. I hardly do this, but i only do it when people prove themselves worthy. Mayaki is the best man for that position. Since this  Government has been in place, the guy has been so multitasked. He has been doing the work of the Commissioned of Information, Chief Press Secretary, Special adviser on media and SSA on media and has been doing it perfectly. Very consistent, intelligent and timely in his articles and press releases . He is basically the major person who writes articles for the government and I hope very soon more people will join him .

This government is on the right track and I hope things continue like this. The Governor has proven fit and proper to pioneer the State and everybody who has been picked  to work with him must also prove fit and proper because we will  make them  work and give maximum value for what they receive.

Felix Osemwengie Isere, Is a Lawyer by profession , Writer, Public affairs analyst, Patriot and a Progressive.

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