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Human Rights Activist Morroco Ibrahim gave Governor Kashim Shettima a Shocking reply

Human Rights activist Ibrahim Morroco and social media commentator gave Governor Shetima of Borno State a shocking reply via his Facebook page
Read his message below....

“I wrote my will six months into my administration, when the issue of Boko Haram was hitting up and I was prepared to sacrifice my life for Borno people.”
By Governor Kashim Shettima
My Gomina My Gomina 
If you are willing to sacrifice yourself don't use hundreds of Convoys My Gomina
CJTF,Police,Mopol,Civil Defence and the military personnelsz are always with you even when you are coughing,Yet you say sacrifice
We did not vote for you to take the expensive sacrifice,we voted you to fix Borno State not Your Will Sir
We appreciate your melodramatic Act but please don't go far just fix the unending problems of our states
Even though MMC and JERE are the most important Local Goverments in your administration
I wish you long life because if you commit succide who will pay Borno state it's looted wealth after your tenure Sir,Please am begging you Sir 
Even if it's just apology,Just do it and we will use it to fix the flooding problems because it's a Global phenomenon according to your aides
Kashim Shetima master of Digital 
Or just snap a picture in bulunkutu Abuja and send it to the media and say like Dubai like Borno State
Even though Bulunkutu Abuja is my personal First Lady area,Yet we appreciate your kindness,because according to your aides it's a favor not your duty..Mun Gode Alanguro
Recently i saw your appointees dancing to Ganga Kura on Sallah day,Please Sir we need more of that because we are one step ahead,we should have a public holiday named as Ganga Kura Day,Gratitude Sir or a ministry of Ganga Kura 
We need to come together and help our performing Governor because he can't do it Alone
This is my Take,Feel free to add yours
Long live Borno State 
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