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First of all, let me begin by saying 'if not for Buhari, goodness me, our nation would have been no more'. Indeed, the Almighty God is involved in the project of a new Nigeria whose foundations began in 2015. We cannot afford to take our nation back to Egypt. The PDP represent our Egypt.

Permit me to tell you something you most likely didn't know. You see, aside the facts that the PDP 'Goats' in its entire 16 years were looting the 'Yams' in sight, the party was also short changing the destinies of all Nigerians. I still maintain that if it were saner climes, no one would dare associate itself with that name called PDP. But over here, we give heroic welcomes to convicted looters who without batting an eyelid, get to be on the high table of the PDP.

The PDP era is one that I pray the younger generation and unborn generations never witness. Stealing truly wasn't corruption, infact the more you stole, the greater your honors and titles. That was the culture the PDP gave to us all. Integrity, sincerity and hard work were destroyed by the covetousness and recklessness of the visionless party. Until Buhari came on board, people think you are mad for being honest. Slowly, I can see that is changing.

To the queen looter of the PDP era, do you know that while Dezi-baby was lord of the rings, the NNPC and Shell had 16 oil wells in a JV(Joint Venture) partnership? The JV was a 45% stake to the oyinbos(those white guys we say are in the saner clime) and 55% to our own FG under Jonathan for we the people.

Shell had 8 of those 16 oil wells, NNPC also had 8. As fate would have it, both took a decision to sell. Shell(with all those oyinbos who don't like 'mago-mago') sold it's 45% stakes for a whooping $2.3 billion dollars. In the maths they taught us in school, the one with 55% stake would definitely sell and make more profits right?

Well, you are wrong. Our 55% stake was valued at $1.8 billion. Those who bought the already shortchanged offer were the junior boyfriends of Dezi-baby, Aluko and Omokri(please don't ask me to name the senior boyfriend of Dezi-baby). But if you thought that the $1.8 billion undervalued price was madness, then you would be angry to realize that only $100 million was paid to the FG by the gang of criminals. What should have fetched us minimum $3 billion dollars, only a $100 million was paid.

Aside the facts that Dezi-baby must have shut the 7th assembly up with some juice(and am not talking about orange juice), and I can bet the gentleman president then was as ignorant and clueless as ever with the madness going on around him, someone would ignorantly tell me not to be glad we changed them and by the silly unremorseful charade at it's convention today, it is crystal clear to the blind, audible to the deaf and tangible to the dumb that we can never go back to Egypt. 2019 would shock the greatest party that looted Africa to waste. We are waiting.

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