Photo Speaks: Die Hard Buharist, Angela Uyi Dumps Buhari for Omoyele Sowore

Ex Die Hard Buharist Angela Uyi have dumped Buhari for Sowore. She made series of posts on her popular facebook page says "I will not vote for Buhari in 2019. I love Buhari; Sentiment apart, I don't want him to seek reelection. He is not in charge of the country and that is obvious."
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"The All Progressives Congress (APC) came with its change mantra, many Nigerians aligned with it because they thought it represented hope for the average Nigerian. However, almost four years into the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari, life for the common man has been nothing near the change promised." She added. 

Although, the Buhari-led government has continued to assure Nigerians to keep faith that ‘change’ will still come. 

"It is only the living that will enjoy change and not the dead.  Buhari have shown that he is not in charge of the country. Many people are being killed daily due to the hypocrisy of government that proclaim the absolute equality of the citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite."

"I had no doubt when President Buhari was elected due to his "assumed" Personal integrity. I waited for him to translate his personal integrity into administrative integrity but he had failed to build up more Buharis in his government but every day, different unpleasant stories involving his ministers"

"And then he came with the "I belong to everybody I belong to nobody" we again clapped and hailed the 5 star general. Only for the chameleon to start changing its colour and things started falling apart in the country."

"We cried and called upon our President but he never listened to our calls; we became irrelevant and his incompetent and irresponsible ministers started seeing themselves as demigods. The youths were only seen as criminals and inconsequential human beings. For how Long are we going to allow these docile old politicians to use age corruption to dominate and rule us when it's obvious they have nothing meaningful to offer the people?"

"I have my PVC and I have my candidate, Omoyele Sowore. He's the technicality and the capacity to rule a 21st century generation"

"The President is too old to understand the mind and fear of the youths and lacks administrative capacity to rule Nigeria. Buhari have shown that he is one who is limited in administrative capacity and who is technically out of touch to lead a country like Nigeria in this era of technological advancement."

"I waited for so long to see how change will begin with the President but discovered that we were deceived once again just as ex president Goodluck Jonathan came with the fake "I had no shoe" story. These bunch of old politicians are playing "ten" "ten" with our collective intelligence and if we don't stop them, when will enough be enough?"

"We were denied the right to complain because their bragging rights became "we have technically degraded Boko Haram" while neglecting the insecurity in the Middle Belt and other violence states; they watched how thousands of Nigerians were killed in Taraba, Kaduna, Jos, Zamfara, Benue and others state and we have a president and heads of Security who doesn't care about the people."

"It is the primary responsibility of the government to provide security to all Nigerians irrespective of their religion and ethnicity. The APC led Federal government clearly shown to us that some selected tribes were more human than the others."

"The change they used in deceiving Millions of Nigerians that brought them into power couldn't solve the insecurity challenge in these violence states. We gave them 4 years to prove to the people that #ChangeBeginWithSecurity but they failed in that aspect. Over 1,500 Nigerians died from violent deaths within 10 weeks yet we have a president who would rather be concerned with the deaths of prominent Nigerians and attending functions because he is an adult and can decide which event should be given top priority."

"A president or a government that lacks empathy has no business governing the people.
The continuing killings of innocent Nigerians dying from preventable crisis have exposed the hypocrisy of the Buhari led administration who would rather send armed police officers to arrest peaceful protesters than setting up a committee that will investigate the reasons behind the agitation."

"A government that is not aware that
lack of Education, Economic Stagnation, Moral Seclusion, Social Exclusion, a Lack of representation, An absence of professional opportunities, A lack of dialogue and listening, A rejection of others, Discrimination, Sponsored Fear, resentment, hatred, ignorance can lead to campaign of violence in the country should not be given the chance to govern the people lest more calamities will befall the people."

"Change must begin with genuine security of lives and properties of the people."
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