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Low economic conditions in China’s urban areas have sparked an increase of beggars faking disabilities in an attempt to gain more money. Cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong are littered with naive tourists who are more than willing to hand over a few yen to anyone appearing to be handicapped in anyway. And
unfortunately, there are plenty of scam artists who are willing to take advantage of this sort of “benefit of the doubt” level of kindness.
One amazing example of this, is a beggar who has constructed a rather elaborate contraption for displaying his false paralytic condition. The beggar’s props for his dishonest charade include a rolling board, which he lays on top of and rolls around with a box
strapped to his back for collecting pity money.
A photographer visiting China was able to capture the day the beggar was caught as a fake.
First, the beggar is seen rolling around in the street, pathetically begging unsuspecting strangers for money.
Many strangers take pity on him and put money in his box. However, the beggar’s fallacy is exposed in one instance when an exceptionally kind, elderly woman
and her family decide to do more than just give cash to the beggar.
In addition to giving him money, the elderly woman and her companion decide to try to provide hands-on help to the disabled beggar. But when they try to take a closer look at his legs, the beggar becomes defensive, and in an act of paranoia, accidentally exposes himself
by rising to his knees in an attempt to protect his money.
Once this happens, everyone nearby is immediately aware that the poor, disabled beggar is a fake. The elderly woman confronts the beggar and it appears that
she is shaming him for his dishonest conduct. Soon, the police are called and the beggar is asked to stop his charade. While the beggar does eventually give up
his act, he does not appear to be the least bit ashamed of what he has done. In fact, the beggar simply continues to count his money in front of everyone around him.

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