#FreeIGWala: Update on the Unlawful Detention of Anti-Graft Activist Ibrahim Garba Wala

The Founder of The Counsellor Organization and one of the Campaigners of #FreeIGWala Angela Uyi has accused the Inspector General of Police of having a personal interest in the case filed by one Alhaji Sarki Muktar against Ibrahim Garba Wala for defaming his personality in his numerous posts on Facebook that revealed the hornet of corruption in Hajj Commission which the Chairman is neck deep in the rottenness oozing from the Hajj Commission.

On January 4, The Nigeria Police Force officers unlawfully arrested An Anti-Graft activist Ibrahim Garba Wala, convener of Citizens Action To Take Back Nigeria CATBAN for an offence known to them alone.

The IGP later claimed via the detention order secured by him to  detain IG Wala 14 days was to enable the FCID carry out an investigation for “committing an offence” which Idris did not disclose.
In a letter posted on the 17th January, 2017 addressed to the general public updating them on the Unlawful Detention of Comrade Ibrahim Garba Wala she said'

"We are confidently informing the general public that the detention order secured by Inspection General of Police Ibrahim Idris on behalf of the Nigeria Police Force will expired on Friday 19th January, 2018."

"The Motion no. M/1684/18 exparte  filed on the 5th January, 2018 a day after IG Wala was arrested and the so called affidavit supporting the motion that grant the applicant Detective Ibrahim Idris the power to detain IG Wala for 14 days which the NPF requested to investigate Ibrahim Garba Wala instead of the alleged corruption in Hajj Commission. The order filed by the counsel for IGP Usman Jibrin .Esq will expired on the 19th January, 2018."

"Which means in a layman's interpretation, the Nigeria Police Force do not have the power under the constitution to further detain comrade Ibrahim Garba Wala aka IG Wala for Saturday and Sunday. As we write this update, IG Wala remains a detainee in police cell, without being charged of any offence, and without a legal warrant to keep him detained. This is a proof that the IGP has “personal vendetta” against IG Wala."

"The court will not be in session on weekends the hearing have been scheduled for Monday 22, January, 2018."

"We, as a people have done everything possible to control our emotions by not allowing our eternal anger and vexation disrupt the Rule of Law."

"You are by this message advised to tell it to the whole that IG Wala will be released on Monday 22nd January, 2018."

"And the Nigeria Police Force on the otherhand, should respect the Rule of Law as well."

"We as law abiding citizens are not afraid to disrupt the process should there be further conspiracy against Comrade Ibrahim Garba Wala who gave up his freedom doing what a patriotic citizen should do but ended up being locked up and treated as a common criminal."

"The critics are not wrong anyway, when they noted that the continuing detention of comrade IG Wala have shown the hypocrisy of government that proclaim the absolute equality of the citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.
And that the unlawful arrest and illegal detention of Comrade Ibrahim Garba Wala is the beginning of a deadly end in the fight against corruption in Nigeria."

"Arise O Compatriots!
Arise O ye people and speak out against anyone who would want to use financial power to disrupt the process of the rule of law."

"Arise O Nigerian Youths!
For it not for us to lament but the day of lamentations of all Tyrants and Oppressors approaches."

"Arise O ye people and fix your gaze on the tactics of oppressors; they are going about looking for whom to intimidate into silence."

"Arise and Speak Up against audacious impunity in the Nigeria Police Force."

"Arise and peacefully fight for your shared humanity. What have you to lose but your chains."

"Arise and be aware of your surroundings and things going on, and speak up against corruption, audacious impunity, political criminality in governance and social injustices."

"Arise and don't give up and don't be satisfied until justice rolls down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream."

"Arise and demand for #FreeIGWala and demand an end to further unlawful arrest and detention of innocent citizens."

"Don't be carried away by the machination of oppressors for there are more of us who support equity and justice than who oppose it."

"Arise! For we know that freedom is a constant struggle and our Aluta is Eternal."
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