When we went into the police station, they insisted that we buy food for IG Wala. Even though his brother just left him with food. We later understood that that's the way the gate keeper eats too.

Before we could see IG Wala, we were sent to his Investigation Police Officer (IPO), who claimed to be out of town. I have the feeling that he was just trying to stop us seeing IG Wala.
But when we tried another means, the guy made it look like we were there to see Shekau and late Bin Laden together. He carefully and in a low tone schooled us about the implications of coming to see a "dangerous suspect", such as an activist.
He told us that activism is "against" the law (not true). It is only allowed during military regime, he said.
That this government sees activism as against its agenda (clearly not true). Therefore, they can not allow us to see IG Wala like that because he is not just a mere detainee. And that the three of us can not go in.
But after intense exchange of words, we were all able to see IG Wala. IG Wala was in upbeat spirit. He was lively and defiant. We thank God for that.
For me, I felt low. To see somebody who worked so hard for this government, too be in such a mess. We took this government by her words and almost took a bullet for this government, at Villa gate during president Jonathan.
And during Gombe campaign, I remember, if not for IG Wala who charged, there would have been causalities, as the crowd overwhelmed the security men.
I stood as Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari's campaign media agent during the campaign. I coordinated her media around the nation. Without a dime as salary, I doubled as camera person, writer, editor, and graphic designer and reporter. Doing real time, on the spot information dissemination. I also advised on security. We never had a break, we worked round the clock like slaves. I attended TV interviews and never closed from work. We worked 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. daily, if we were in Abuja.
But what I too got in return was an arrest for trying to stop the most dangerous corrupt evil woman. I thank God my madam stood for me.
Seeing IG Wala today as a detainee hit me hard. IG Wala knows DSS DG Lawal Daura, and IG of police, Ibrahim Idris. He knows a lot of villa clout. But for IG wala to spend more than five days in unlawful detention, for performing his civic duty, supposedly guaranteed by the constitution, must teach us a lesson, that corruption is fighting back, and that whistleblowing could be trap.
I am heart broken. Good people continue to suffer in Africa.
God bless Nigeria.
Miriam Yakubu Ikunaiye.
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