Opinion| "Nigeria's root problem is that we live in hypocrisy and self delusion" Femi Animashaun

Written by Femi Animashaun
After 3 days of meditation about Nigeria, I began to have some revelations.  These I will share with you.

Nigeria's root problem is that we live in hypocrisy and self delusion. Europe too Africa as a booty, and some Guy named Frederick Luggard was sent to carve out a piece for the British.

Before this, the European Countries got together with very strong data about Africa and it's Citizens. The first thing that was decided was that there were some very strong Ethinicities in Africa, and if left alone, they may discover the wisdom of coming together and working together. This could be a threat to Europe in the future.

The next thing the European discussed was that there were some Kings and Emirs who could make alliances with the European powers because they were barely hanging on to their power through the string of religion to authenticate themselves as rulers.

The Europeans then amde alliances with these mainly Emirs that they will have the power of the Europeans behind them if and when the religious intoxication wears out, and their rule could become threatened. This was a win-win situation for the Europeans and the non indingent rulers that came with religion.

These African rulers were very wise though, and requested another concession from Europe. An issue of a Major power in the South that was currently in turmoil was discussed. Also, discussed was another major power in the North East called the Kanuri, who had commonalities and affinity with a large number of peopl in sub groups. Further down as well was another group with many subgroups that had a large population today knows as Efik/Ibibio etc....

In the long run, it was settled that the best way to reduce the threat of a strong Natiinhood among these identified groups was to create a country along lines that will cut all these subgroups right through their centers, and make sure that the official languages were non contiguous.

Have Africans ever wondered why people who speak the same native Languages were split up right about the middle and started being taught foreign languages as their official languages? Have Africans ever debated how xome the foreign languages were non contiguous among the people?

Then came a Guy named Frederick Luggard to institute the carefully crafted plan. The first part of the plan was to promote and empower carefully selected members of the target Nations of people and empower them even above the Traditional Institutions. The main criteria for selection was that these people should be pompous, exposed to European Royalty, and have uncontrollable egos.

This clandestine plan worked perfectly. Africa's first set of European educated and Politically inclined Leaders were egotistic prima donnas with the exception of a few. The result can be clealy illistrated in History.

How many people are Aware that the first indication of Nationhood and a United Western Africa included what is now known as Nigeria and the Cameroons? If you check the maps made by the United States nack in the Colonial days, from Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroons  were seen as a contiguous Nation and illustrated as such?

As soon as the Primadonnas were empowered, tge expected chaos began as egos clashed. Clandestine operarions were put in place to promote this disunity and agents were paid. Finally, the Europeans called all their created and self perpetuating Primadonnas to the table to carve out Nationhood where they shall all have thwir power blocks in place and hold titlea that created envy in the hearts of the Traditional rulers. The first part of creating strong divisive lines in West Africa had succeeded flawlessly.

Based on these facts above, it is therefore illogical and hallucinating to believe Nigeria can continue in it's present form. It is ridiculous when we see people galvanized ethnically, and even across borders to believe that an imaginary Luggard created line will keep them separated.

Boko Haram, however it began, metamorphosised into a regional block movement spearheaded by ethnic affinity.  It was led mainly by Kanuri, and when Hausi and Fulani joined them, they were always the ones selected to become human bombs while the Kanuris inherited their wives. These insurgents had memeber from Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. They could come together because of their ethnicity despite the differences of the official languages of the countries that they fell under.

Another example here is the issue of the rail line from Katsina to clearly outside the vorders of Nigeria into the middle of the most populous part of Niger Republic. At what point has Nigeria absorbed Niger Republic as part of Nigeria? How can Nigeria be paying dor and buildingrailway deep into a foreign country?

This is also a result of the deception called Nigeria. I don't want to believe that President Buhari asked for or authorized this. I will therefore choose to call it the handiwork of the cabals. Meanwhile, what are our legislators doing watching this approved?

When you look at Nigeria today, it is am abmissal deluge of personal interests.  Nobody has the interest of Nigeria at heart, except for the Patriotic common Nigerians. Our Leadership is toast that derives their powers from ethnicity and therefore has to mainly serve the interests of such ethnic groupings.

However lines have been drawn in the sand with the continuous issues of the herdsmen. Patterns have emerged to lend credibility towards an ethnic agenda. It will therefore be foolhardy to ignore the chants and thw wails. To continue on that part is to invite peril. My adivise therefore is that the Fulani Leaders show some wisdom and make sure that the rest of Nigeria doesn t hear a thing about clashes with herders anywhere for at least a few years.

So do not push what will awaken the devil that could lead to ethnic cleansing of an aggressive culture.  Violence is never a tool that can be a monopoly. Continuing in this part will even awaken smaller Northern ethnic groups that may rise to a call of violence.

Now is thw time for wisdom. The false sense of security of owning private jets may be an illusion. The country is tired of violent clashes everywhere regarding a minority group that dominates many majorities within their Lands. It is therefore an emergency that Traditonal Leaders in the North understand the temperature in Nigeria now, and call their people to order, and then apologize instead of making more incidious  statements. You will be held responsible if you lead Nigeria to a violent breakup.

What we therefore need to do is institute a loose federation if we want an approach of sincerity and stop our collective delusion. Let's allow the ethic groups to decide on the best relationship that will work in regional West Africa. From a loose Parliamentary system, we can speedily unite the whole region of West Africa as a single Federation to reverse the injustice meted on us and crafted in Europe.
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