#FreeIGWala: Bogus Court Order obtained by the IGP to detain IG Wala For 14 days

Court Order obtained by the IGP to detain IG Wala For 14 days:
Question Nigerians are yet to ask:
Why is the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris interested in a case between two civilians and ordinary citizens?

Recall that IG Exposed alleged Corruption in Hajj Commission linked to the Chairman to the tune of billions and he was charged to court for defamation of character.
On the day of the court hearing the applicant was absent.
The first case which was between Mukhtar vs IG Wala was held last year December. However, on the day of first hearing, Alhaji Sarki Mukhtar failed to appear in court or send representation.

The conspiracy Silence:
To demonstrate why the applicant refused to show up in the court, the same day, Comrade Ibrahim Garba Wala got arrested on the orders of the Inspector General of Police. Secure a court Expate to detain IG Wala for 14 days.

The Nigeria Police Force is aware that Unfair Detainment is a breach of United Nations Universal declaration of Human Rights Articles #9. Nobody has the right to put anyone in prison without good reason and keep the person there, without any explanation.
No matter the offence committed, A person is Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty. Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proven. IG Wala has the right to defend himself in the court of law and the right to show what is he is being incarcerated for is not true.

The Negotiation:

It was alleged that the Inspector General of Police is not aware of this case that the person of AIG. UU. SHEHU planned the whole arrest process and applied for the court order.

It was also alleged that The top gainers who want to see that IG Wala spend the rest of his life in jail paid the sum of N15 million to a Tyrant in the Nigeria police Force.

We are going to investigate this allegation and expose this criminality in the NPF.

Barrister Baba Isa, who is hosting the CUPS sponsored News Conference in support of IG Wala, has this to say about the bogus court order:

"This order is constitutionally defective. He was already in custody, the order should not have been granted without hearing Wala's lawyers. The order was granted Ex Parte instead of On Notice."

In lay man's terms, the court order was secured ONLY after the police had arrested IG Wala, and without hearing submission from IG Wala's lawyers. This is manifestly unlawful!

Fellow Nigerian, below are the documents secured by the Nigeria police Force to detain IG Wala for 14 days and the Judge who issued the order was said to be out of office for one week which means, it is certainly not assured that he will be available on Monday to hear the case.

This is audacious impunity and we as a people must demand an end to it.

It is IG Wala today, who is next tomorrow?

We are living in fear in our own country because Justice has become something a poor man's child can't afford.

We therefore call on the President Mohammadu Buhari to instruct the Inspector General of Police to release Comrade Ibrahim Garba Wala forthwith and unconditionally and for the IGP to conduct an impartial investigation into this unlawful arrest and detention and bring anyone with criminal responsibility to justice.
Enough is enough.

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