Group threatens to seek redress, probe the uncivilized Tyrants in the Nigerian Police Force over the Illegal detention of Comr IG Wala

Detention of Comr Ibrahim Garba Wala is illegal and provoking…
We shall not only seek redress but will probe the Uncivilized Tyrants in the Nigerian Police Force Involved.

We got information of the detention of an Abuja based renowned ant-corruption activist, Comr Ibrahim Garba Wala (IG Wala) by the Nigeria Police Force, when we becomes aware of the fact of the arrest and detention in question, we could not believe such an illegality, and human rights (abuse) still exist in our country. Like hallucination it is, that our own “Police” financed with our tax can be used to silent a Nigerian like Comr. Ibrahim Garba Wala (IG Wahla)… It is indeed an invitation to serious legal trouble (WAHALA) in Abuja.
The monumental corruption at National Hajj Commission was discovered and unveiled by this radical anti-corruption crusader, Comr. Ibrahim Garba Wala (IG Wahla)… and since then, the consequence of this simple anti-corruption assignment has been hunting Comr. Ibrahim Garba Wala (IG Wahla) where the figure involved was doing everything possible to silent the him through every mean, one of the mean is the ongoing unlawful detention.
To the activists, detention is like a course that fetches higher ranks while to any security agent that could be used for this peculiar dirty job is a dangerous deal. We say loudly, such continuous detention is a bad signal to the masses and to international community. It is an act that is unconstitutional and ridiculous.
The Inspector General of Police and all officers of Nigerian Police Force have no right to detain beyond 24 hour before such a person will be charged to the court. Anything contrary is against Section 35 (2) (5) of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria which state:
“Any person who is arrested or detained in accordance with sub section (1) (c) of this section shall be brought before a court of law within a reasonable time…”

“In sub section (4) of this constitution, the expression “a reasonable time” means (a) In the case of an arrest or detention in any place where there is court of competent jurisdiction within a radius of forty kilometer, a period of one… ”
The above stated provision of the constitution loudly echoes the fact that the ongoing detention of Ibrahim Garba Wala is a highest level of colossal illegality and cruelty by lawless persons who are created and sourced their power from law.
We are going to probe this implausible illegality by the Nigerian Police through every legal means. Irrespective of when he would be released, we will seek redress in the court and send message of civility to the lawless and lawbreakers officers among the Police irrespective of their rank.
The protest will commence soon, there is no doubt about that. In thousands, rights conscious youth from all parta of Nigeria are converging in Abuja and a tick peaceful protest shall blow like stony wind on the street of Abuja… Many activists are set to embark on ranking fetching course; the Police in Abuja should be prepared to arrest more activists on the street of Abuja.

An injury to one is an injury to all…..
Aluta continua, victoria asata…
Freedom comes with struggle…

Signed by
Abdulsalam Abdulfatah Liberty Esq
National President
Good Governance and Leadership Assessment Initiative (GOGLAI)

Abdulganiy Said Olaide Ezera Esq
National Secretary
Human Rights Guide for Africa (HURIGA)

Comr. Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi
World Institute for Peace WIP
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