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Wearing High Waist Pants

high waistBelt it: Adding a belt to your outfit can do a lot. It can make your waist appear slimmer. Go for a darker colour of belt to cinch your waist and for a brighter colour if you already have a thin waist as this draws attention to it Some kamdolls have rocked this trend…have a look;
high waist

High-waisted attires are back! And they are causing a massive stir in the fashion world from high waist skirts and shorts to trousers. Contrary to popular belief, this is a style for everyone. It not only appeals to women of all ages but to women of different shapes and sizes. Our focus shall be on high waist pants. For women of plus sizes, a pant that is wide-legged and loose will mask many flaws while for petite ladies, high waisted pants and shorts can enhance the legs and make you look taller. Wearing high waist pants is not so easy especially when the wrong pants are selected as they are some downsides attached to it. For example, if you are not so blessed at your backside you might notice that high waist pants make you look flatter and if you have wide hips, the high waist pants might over emphasize them and if your tummy is a bit big, the pants,may emphasize them in the most unattractive spots. It might take a bit of trial and error to find the right high waist pants for you, but when you do, they’ll elongate your legs and show off your curves while keeping your body proportional…here are some things to consider when buying high waist pants;

They have to fit perfectly: No matter how expensive they are, if it’s short, pulling across the hips or sagging in the crotch, it just looks so wrong and bad. 

Keep your top in mind: Always bear in mind that your waist area should be slim, so avoid oversize shirts….you’ll want a fitted shirt that can be tucked in perfectly, this will emphasize your waists also crop tops can be worn with high waist pants.

Pay attention to your bust area: A good bra is essential when wearing high waists especially if you are over a D cup. When wearing high waists it is essential for your boobs to be closer to your collar bones that your waist as this will give you a youthful hourglass figure.

Aim for height: One of the qualities of high waisted pants is their ability to elongate your legs, so you need to pay close attention to the pair of shoes you wear with them, as much as wearing flats make you feel so comfortable, high waisted pieces are designed to be worn with foot wears that adds height, anything less and you might appear unattractive as they will not flatter your figure. Heels should be worn to get maximum effect
high waist

high waist
high waist

high waist

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