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The Partner You Want

The Partner You Want
Some time ago, I read a story about a woman who had a specific list of what she wanted in a spouse and wanted God to grant her desire. Her desired spouse had to be nice, tender, passionate, honest, peaceful, generous, understanding, pleasant, warm, intelligent, humorous, attentive, compassionate and truthful. Quite a list it was. 

But, God would not grant such a wish for the simple reason that she was not consistently any of these requirements herself. God also relayed that all of these wishes are not attributes that simply are between two partners but are attributes that one grows into over a lifetime of partnership, and a lifetime of growing.

….And they broke the Law
The law of Cause and Effect is the iron law of the universe. For everything that you want, there is a price that must be paid. This price must be paid in full and in advance.
The law of sowing and reaping is not the Law of Reaping and Sowing. You have to putin before you get out. You have to give before you receive. You have to pay the price before you enjoy the reward.
Your wiliness to do whatever you need to do, pay whatever price is required, go whatever distance is necessary, and make whatever sacrifice is demanded is the measure of how badly you really want your goal.
Many people sabotage their own success in their relation by deciding that they want a particular spouse, and although they are willing to pay a high price for it, they are not quite willing to pay the full price that relationship demands. This is like wanting to win a poker game but not willing to match the final bet made by the other player. Just by failing to build your life to attract the kind of spouse you had painted in your mind and to make a total commitment you will end up losing out.

So, what is the message here

The message is not one of failure, nor one of not acquiring what one wishes for but is more a message of growth. This growth is not a point to reach and then say one is finished. It means that as we go through life, we need to be continuously actively involved in being more each day. One needs to view each day as only a starting point to continue to embellish that which is good, caring, meaningful and decidedly compassionate. It means that each day is not filled with excuses, or wanting to skip a step to reach some defined end. For, it should be understood that there is no end but instead a continuous ability to be more than you were the day before.
"I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of valleys: 
I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water." 
Isaiah 41: 18
The path to get all you want from another is also buried within you for it is you that can bring forth what is desired in order to make available that which is also within another. 

You are your own keeper; you are the one and only who can grow for you cannot grow in the mind of another unless at first you have grown within. 

Look not for what you desire but desire for what you look for with each day as a tool to use to attain that which is desired from life.
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