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Positive Discipline In The workplace

Positive Discipline In The workplace
Discipline in the workplace relates to training employees so they abide by the code of conduct. Without rules, employees might be inclined to do whatever they want. Typically, the human resources department or equivalent establishes the company’s code of conduct that managers and employees must follow. Because employees don’t always follow the rules, enforcement is instrumental to maintaining discipline.

Positive discipline fosters appropriate behavior by encouraging employee participation. The first step is to lay out clear protocol and ethical guidelines to ensure your employees fully understand what you expect. The next step is to use constructive criticism to instill correct behaviors. For example, you might explain to an under-performing employee how her failure to follow proper protocol is hurting her performance and then offer helpful suggestions for increasing productivity.
  • When you see ingenuity and self-discipline in action, blow the flame.Praise the individual, offer support and make sure the idea or process is implemented. Tell the person how much you appreciate their contribution and that you hope the contributions continue.

    Reward the person in ways that are important to the individual. Consider options such as more pay, time off, time and attention from the supervisor, a special assignment, a committee leadership role, or a training and personal development opportunity.
  • Treat the people you employ as if they are adults, which they are.Think about how adults want to be treated. They want minimal rules and guidelines, only the policies necessary to ensure an ordered, fair, consistent work environment. They want to provide input about any decision that involves themselves or their work.

    They want to be treated with respect. They want work to provide more than just a pay check. Work contributes to social needs; most people want to feel as if they are contributing to something greater than themselves.

    People prefer to smile when they think about going to work; the best work places promote individual and group success and raise the self-esteem of staff members.
 Encourage open communication between you and the people who report to you. Communicate all of the information that is available about your business, your customers, your profitability, and your  Mission and Vision. Share the organization's overall goals. The more people know, the more they can act independently to help you.
  • Do The Tasks You Enjoy Doing Always
Self-discipline comes more effortlessly when you’re genuinely enjoying what you’re doing.  While there will inevitably be parts of any job that you don’t like as much, try to find a way to outsource tasks that you find very unpleasant so that they don’t wreak havoc with your motivation.
  • Since work is populated by human beings, occasionally staff will not practice self-discipline.In these instances, address unacceptable behavior immediately. Almost nothing lowers the morale of your contributing employees more quickly than seeing inappropriate work behavior go uncorrected.

  • Don’t Insist on Perfection
You should also realize that perfection will hinder your efforts to be more disciplined.  If you decide not to take action until conditions are 100percent ideal, or one part of a project is 100percent completed, you’ll never get anywhere.  Instead, it’s most important to keep moving, even if it means doing a job that’s just good enough, or returning later to a problematic issue.

·         Learn how to Create your routine

What comes next is a routine.
You’ve identified areas in your life that need more discipline. You’ve vowed to draw a line in the sand and never cross it again. Now what comes is routine. It’s routine and habit that will lead you to greatness and great deeds, not chance.
Too many of us wait for a moment to shine when the moment to shine is every moment in our lives. Happiness, meaning, purpose, and greatness are all daily acts we perform on purpose.
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