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I had been single for 2 years before I decided to join an online dating site. A friend of mine suggested the site where she met her husband and now living in the States together. Anyways, I gave it a try but I was not really serious about finding a real relationship especially an LDR. I had talked to several men on the site but no one seemed to be serious.

After a month of being a member on the site, I found a profile (My husband's profile). His user name was "Knight and Avatar" which really caught my attention. I thought this guy must be really romantic and sweet which is one of my weaknesses when it comes to a man. Anyhow, when I saw his pictures I was really amazed knowing the fact that he was a good looking guy and there was some kind of excitement inside me; not because of his looks but because of something else. There was already a spark, I must say.

I was the one who sent him an interest notification then right after that he started and kept sending me emails but unfortunately I couldn't open those messages on my page because I wasn't a paying member. When we finally exchanged our email addresses, we started chatting and talking on Messenger. I think it took us a couple of months before we committed ourselves to a long distance relationship. We would see each other on cam every day, and talked about everything and anything under the sun. During these times, we suddenly stopped communication for 3 months, I was left wondering about what has happened to him. I still kept sending emails to him but I didn't get any response, I was really sad and about to lose my hope and thought he might have started dating somebody from Australia.

One day, I got a call from him but it wasn't a romantic or sweet call. It was just a casual conversation over the phone, he asked me to get online and so I did. During our chat conversation he asked me to look at possible wedding venues (Note: He had not proposed yet), I was like, "What the hell is wrong with this man??" To think that he has been away for 3 months and now he would talk about wedding venues?? Crazy!!!! lol since everything has been back on track he would always ask me if I had found a nice venue for wedding.

To make the story short, I ended up believing him about this wedding thing and so when I started looking at venues I also started researching about wedding preparation. We finally decided to hold the wedding at the private Garden in Quezon City close to where I live. He sent me money for the reservation fee as well as for my gown. November 11, he really surprised me when he made his engagement proposal online. Though I knew someday it would happen, I didn't expect that it would happen on that night. We were talking and seeing each other on web cam when he suddenly grabbed something on his computer desk. It came with a pink box with gold ribbon, he took out the ring from the box and bent down on his knee while chantin' the romantic words of asking my hand (I still remember the exact scenario). After the proposal, he again surprised me with the good news about his planned trip to the Philippines.

He arrived exactly on Christmas Day (his arrival was 6am, I arrived at the airport 2 and half hours before he arrived) I was really excited and yet pretty nervous because it was our first time to meet in person. When the plane reached the ground, I got more nervous and excited. I was like, "God, this is really it!!!" He is finally here, for the first I will see him in person. My heart was pounding when I saw him walking down the hallway, he waved at me and I waved back.. First kisses and cuddles immediately happened and it felt like heaven!!!! :)

We had our wedding on January 10, 2010. It was a successful and beautiful wedding, it was more than what I expected :) I really couldn't ask for a better husband.

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