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8 Class Of Men Ladies Of Nowadays Prefer To Marry For Financial Freedom

Gone at the days, ladies do not considered money as the basic criteria to select their future partner unlike now that it is the focal point for every relationship to clinch marital level.

However I shake my head at the increasing number of hungry, starved, ravenous, gold digging and empty bellied ladies flocking our society today as they make life more miserable for young promising guys who work tirelessly like carmel to meet their insatiable needs.

Although I'm a lady, nothing wrong in demanding assistancefrom your man if you can't afford it but it should always be 60:40.
If you have your own career you wouldn't want to depend whole 100% on a man. Get it.
I have friends who wished for these kind of guys.
Nothing bad to marry a rich man. Likes mind attracts likes minds or whatever.

As a result, they have streamlined their selection to the below category of men for future partner whom are;

1. Yahoo-Yahoo Plus guys

I pity the future of nowadays ladies because even if they know or find out that the guy asking them out is into yahoo yahoo business, instead of being remorseful, they get excited that God has finally end their financial trauma.

2. Politicians

I was disappointed when I heard the story of a well known actress (name withheld) in Nigeria blooming on the wealth of a politician. This goes to show that most nowadays ladies possess the hungry habits of chasing politicians to tap non stop current.

3. Celebrities

Because of fame, riches and favouritism, nowadays ladies love to marry celebrities as a bait to bail out their financial worries. These are the types that attend weekend shows with the ulterior intention to nutmeg them at the slightest opportunity of eye to eye contact.

4. Top business men

Nowadays ladies don't mind being dangote 12th wife rather than becoming the wife of a broke but promising and reliable young man. No wonder when business tycoon men are having meeting, the number of ladies in such gathering are always appalling.

5. Car dealers

The moment some nowadays ladies hear that the guy wooing them is a car dealer, they will open their kitty cat wide open like a pregnant woman in labour room. However, they will start fantasising of the range rover sport jeep in his garage.

6. Hard drugs dealers

Nowadays ladies have lost integrity by chasing ghost, even orangutan/baboon as long as he is loaded. I have heard cases of airline hostesses despite their huge salary, smuggling cocaine for their filth boyfriends meanwhile abusing guys with low salary.

7. Oil and Gas dudes

Most if not all nowadays ladies pray for guys who work in oil and gas companies like shell, chevron, exxonmobil, etc because their belief centre on his rich pocket. In other words, when they hear a guy is working at a reputable oil firm, they quickly seek for herbalist help.

8. Sport men

The number of nowadays ladies chasing sport men like footballers are extremely high. Meanwhile when he was a nobody, they ridiculed, bashed, insulted and reigned curse on his family.
Do you agree?
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