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#OCCUPYUNLTD; The Legislators Amendment of CCB/CCT Act is Audacious Criminality-Retson Tedheke

The day is drawing closer and the heat is getting hotter.
#OCCUPYUNLTD demands the collective participation of the Nigerian people in reclaiming Nigeria from political criminality in governance.

The convener Retson Tedheke posted on the group's event page on Facebook  educating the Nigerian people the need to join other willing Nigerians to Occupy the Nigerian National Assembly 15th November without asking for gratification. 

Read his message below....



Dear Nigerians,

Please do not ask us for MONEY to Fight for your Country because we do not have it to give and even if we do, we will not give anyone money to fight for a good country and a better future for our Children. Please do not ask for PERSONAL benefits because when your country Succeeds you will Succeed. Do not ask for RECOGNITION, we are all on the path to Historical Relevance. Every Revolutionist is the Truest Son and Daughter of God.

The process of occupying #NASS, #JUDICIARY,#RMAFC, #EFCC has been initiated and alive. Mobilize your Family, Mobilize your Street and Mobilize your Communities for the Battles to free Nigeria from the Tyranny of Political Criminality and Mindless Leadership Impunity. The 300 Spartan Warriors will Energizes us; The Eternal Spirit of Revolutionary Struggles will inspires us; The Suffering Nigerian People and a Resilient Nation will Motivate us; Mindlessly Corrupt Politicians are our Sworn Enemies; To Reclaim Nigeria is our Price and our Pride.

“Justice is never given; it is extracted and the struggle must be continuous for freedom is never a final pact, but a continuing evolving process to higher and higher levels of human, social, economic, political and religious relationship,”. The Final Push Begins Nationwide. All Politics is Local. We are Ready and We are Coming. The time to #ReclaimNigeria is now. A people united will never be defeated. 15th of November, 2016 is the Beginning, the End is not known.

This is WAR and in the end we will win for the sake of the Nigerian People. We are READY, We are PREPARED. Pray if you must, but do not fail to occupy with us.  We must be the Enforcers of a True National Rebirth. We must be the 12th Man in this Struggle to free Nigeria from the ENEMY WITHIN.

Register, Support, Mobilize and Donate here
Credit: OccupyNass-Unlimited Facebook group.

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