"We must Wake up and peacefully fight for our share humanity" Angela Uyi

The rich is sitting on the poor man's shoulders, suffocating him and still held on to the tiny stick to balance himself living the tired man with nothing; Yet he'd assure himself and others that he is a respecter of the Laws of the land because he is holding the justice symbol.

The people have over the years been told that leadership is for the few rich; politicians are the most privileged people on earth.  The people have been so Raped by Politicians that there is Nothing left.
We are living in a society in which almost everybody is controlled by somebody else's mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the truth about the activities of governments and corporations.

We have been so Neglected by politicians that begging is not even Working; We have been so bastardized that hunger, darkness, suffering and Pain is our daily bread; We have been So criminalized that we the people have become tools for continuing hypnotism; slavery and brainwashed stupidity. This is not the time to call on God to fight for us; God will not do for man that which man can do for himself. The rich is feeding on the poor masses and they have collected everything that belongs to the common man. No hope but eternal confusing hopelessness; they have so bastardized the morality of the people.

The only hope left for the poor is Justice but have been sold to the highest bidder.
The people have been raped yet, they are the first to defend those looting the collective commonwealth of the people. How did we get here?

We must wake up and think how we would redefine the purpose why we are alive and challenge those who have made the people their eternal slaves.

We must aggressively take back our lost glory without violence and begin to drive the narrative that will emancipate the Nigeria people from the shackles of eternal enslavement.
Nigerians; It is time to rise up and peacefully fight for our shared humanity.

It is time to wake up and Peacefully Fight for our Shared Humanity; What do we have to Loose but our Chains?  It is time to awake your aluta consciousness; the suffering of the Nigerian people is capable of provoking the anger and frustration in us all.

Cogito ergo sum; I think, therefore I am. Wake up Nigerians! You must wake up and think; This is not the time to cry and expect things to change. The Revolution is imminent.
Aluta eternal. Victory eternal ✌

Survival of the Fattest is a sculpture made by Jens Galschiøt, and Lars Calmar, in 2002, as a symbol of the imbalanced distribution of the world’s resources. Source Wikipedia
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