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The Pumpkin Christian

There are a lot of things that a Christian can be compared to and one of these is a pumpkin. You probably wonder right away why this pumpkin could possibly relate to being a Christian?

Needs Cleaning
A pumpkin coming right out of the field is something that is covered in dirt; it is yet to be cleaned and sits there in its raw state. When
God wants to clean the pumpkin up so that it is ready to be a loyal and faithful servant, God will cleanses it with pure water making sure every once of dirt is removed.

Start From Within
Then, God opens the top of the pumpkin to reveal the mess within and all those tangled seeds among its core. God takes out these seeds and cleans the inside so that is completely devoid of any dirty pulp hanging or clinging to the sides. Then, with the skill of a surgeon, God cuts eyes, nose and a beautiful smile into the pumpkin and places it into the warm sunshine to cast its happiness for all to you.

We are all like a pumpkin before the hand of God comes to clean our inner soul.

We All Need Help
We are, without God, simply a crass and an uncleaned person - a person who harbors dirt, and sin that will rot from within without being cleansed and prepared for our life.

Each one of us has an
opportunity to present ourselves to the world with a beautiful smile both inner and outer, and to go about our worldly business in the sunshine of the Lord. We can choose not to be purified or prepared properly and we can live our life without a smile, without knowing that we could revel in the sunshine. There is a choice for some of us, but some do not know the advantages as of yet.

Find Those Who Need Cleaning
For those who are left in the field to rot, we must go out to these fields and do everything we can to bring them into the sunshine so that each of them can be cleaned, so that each of them has a smile placed upon their face.

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