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These Beaches Will Save Your Relationship

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Looking for ways to keep the romance alive in your marriage or partnership? Having difficulties finding ways to surprise one another after years of spending time together? Consider taking a trip to one of EBL’s most romantic beaches around the planet! Whether you want to surprise your loved one with a luxurious round-trip to a beach with drinks, dinner, and entertainment included or if you are seeking a secluded retreat, comparing the top most beautiful and romantic beaches around the world is a way to create any getaway or vacation you envision for you and your lover to enjoy at just about any time of the year.

#4 – Hermanus, South Africa

hermanus-hermanus-beach-villa_12_LWalking the coast in Hermanus, South Africa, is a way to get breathtaking views that can only be described as “Heaven on Earth” by some of its past visitors. The coast includes a path that is ideal for walking and setting up romantic picnics and relaxation dates. Enjoy the brisk breezes of the ocean while basking in the aromas of fresh flowers and plants that surround the beach itself.
Visiting the local wine valley is possible just north of the town near the beach itself. You also have the opportunity to partake in a quad bike ride into the Hamilton Russell Vineyard, where you can indulge in homemade Pinot Noir and other wines available for tasting, helping to create a spectacularly romantic atmosphere for you and your spouse or partner.

#3 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

b62622ee37c3fab3a3059f82c570bab0When you’re seeking a bit of a more medieval getaway with your loved one that allows you to transport back in time, visit Dubrovnik, Croatia. Known as the setting of the hit series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik provides a beautiful relaxing getaway vacation spot when the show is in its off season and not filming or surrounded by cast and crew.
Renting a private villa or staying at the official Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik are both ways to capture the essence of the cliff-side and historic town yourself. If you’re seeking a bit of adventure with your loved one, opt for a sailing tour of the Adriatic Sea while enjoying delicious cheese and wine available from local town shops, ideal for the perfect romantic afternoon with one another.
Enjoying wine is possible throughout Dubrovnik, especially if you are a fan of wine bars and tastings. One of the most popular wine bars that is considered romantic after walking the ancient wall of the city includes the Dvino Wine Bar, perfect for couples and those looking to add a bit of spark to their relationship.

#2 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto_Vallarta_BeachEscape to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico if you’re seeking an adventure with your lover while also basking in the beautiful sunset and views provided all around the beach itself. The beach is surrounded by its own boardwalk, complete with entertainers, food, drinks and even well-known local artists who are known for sculpting sand castles. Enjoy different music each night while walking alongside the boardwalk at Puerto Vallarta beach, with musicians from all over the country stopping in to visit for the beautiful sights and enjoyable atmosphere. The lights, live action, dancing, food, and music is enough to make any couple want to stay in Puerto Vallarta forever, throwing all cares and worries to the wind.
Whether you’re seeking a seaside adventure or you want to explore the surrounding mountains of Puerto Vallarta, this beach is ideal for couples who love adventure together and are in need of a refreshing vacation with one another. Simply walking along the Malecon boardwalk at Puerto Vallarta is romantic enough, giving you plenty of drinking and dining options during your evening with your partner or spouse.

#1 – Seaside, Florida

z_DSC1831When you need a getaway with your partner or spouse but you interested in doing so in the US, visit Seaside, Florida. Seaside, Florida is known as one of the absolute most beautiful beaches available around the world.
Booking a trip to Seaside, Florida can be done by renting a room at a local hotel or even by choosing to rent a private cottage or villa that is oceanfront or that offers beach views. Renting a private villa or cottage at Seaside, Florida beach is one of the most romantic ways to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset each morning you spend together with your lover or spouse. It is also possible to rent a variety of homes throughout Seaside, Florida, in addition to opting for a Bed and Breakfast rooms which are scattered surrounding the beach.
Creating the perfect romantic evening after renting a private cottage is possible by walking the beach and its shoreline while also enjoying your own fire pit or bonfire together. Another reason Seaside, Florida stands out among other beaches around the world is its soft and powder-like sand, making it perfect as a resting spot or for hour-long walks into the sunset.
seaside_florida_1Seaside, Florida also provides a number of cafes, diners and bars for both tourists and locals who are looking for refreshments and ways to make the most out of their stay near or on the beach itself. One of the most popular brunch destinations available near Seaside, Florida beach includes Vue on 30A, romantic and cozy, ideal for couple getaways and vacations with one another.
Comparing and reviewing some of the most romantic beaches around the world is a way to find an environment and atmosphere that is right for you and your loved one. Whether you prefer a quiet getaway or if you are looking to indulge in entertainment and spa services, having a basic itinerary in mind is highly advisable prior to booking any trip or vacation to a romantic beach with
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