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#Baddest Brand Ever liveth- Saint Louis sugar cubes Since 1865

Saint Louis sugar cubes for export

Saint Louis Sucre produces a range of sugar cube products suited to different lifestyles. They are exported to most West African countries.

Commodities sugars

Saint Louis Sucre offers a wide range of packaging and delivery options, from bags of 20 or 50 kg, to flexible one tonne containers or bulk tankers, so as to meet the increasingly specific requirements of users of E.E.C. grade 2 sugar.

The company also exports sugar of a grade that meets the standard set by the London sugar futures market by sea to countries outside the European Union, in 50 kg bags of polypropylene, or in bulk on conventional cargo vessels.
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Sugars for industrial applications

Quite apart from the company’s commodities sugar products, industrial users (pharmaceutical manufacturers, the food industry) will find that Saint Louis also produces a wide range of products designed to meet their specific requirements: E.E.C. category n°1 refined sugars, sugars with specific grain sizes (calibrated or sieved sugar products, caster sugar) manufactured in the new Roye Conditionnement facility.

History of Saint Louis Sucre

1831: Larreguy founds his first sugar refinery, in Roye.
1850-1867: Ten sugar refineries set up in Ham, Roye, Fismes, Aulnois, Etrépagny, Nassandres and Montereau.
1850 : Creation of the sugar factories Bostennes and Letombe in Ham.
1854 : Foundation of sugar plants Flavy-le-Martel (Ham) and of Henri Bertin (Roye).  
1856 : Foundation of sugar factory Ulysse Lefevre à Roye.
1860-67 : Creation of two sugar plants in Aulnois.
1863 : Foundation of refinery Maurin in Saint-Charles.
1864 : Foundation of the sugar factory of Etrépagny by Arthur Le Bœuf, viscount of Osmoy.
1865 : Setting up of the Mediterranean Refineries.
1866 : Henri Bergasse and a group of Marseilles’ business men set up the Saint-Louis sugar Refinery.
1867 : Birth of the sugar factories of Nassandres (Emile Cartier) and Montereau (Sté Théophile Pajot et Cie).
1872: The Saint-Charles refinery is taken over by Saint-Louis sugar Refinery.
 1878: Foundation of the Société Nouvelle des Raffineries de Sucre Saint-Louis, including two companies and three plants in Marseille.
1884 : The Saint-Louis plant is destroyed in a fire
1886: Rebuilding of the Saint-Louis plant
1894: First exports to North Africa and the Persian Gulf.
1918: The 26 original sugar refineries of the Générale Sucrière stand in ruins.
1923: Setting up of the Compagnie Nouvelle de Sucreries Réunies (including Eppeville)
1924: Setting-up of the Union Sucrière de l'Aisne (including Aulnois)
1930: Start-up of a packaging plant in Eppeville
1939-40: Shut-down of most of the sugar refineries in the Aisne, the Somme and the Ardennes.
1950 à 1970 : All plants are equipped with continuous diffusers
1968 : Foundation of the Générale Sucrière Group, from the merger of the companies Sucreries et Raffineries Bouchon et Pajot, Compagnie Nouvelle de Sucreries Réunies and Raffinerie Saint-Louis.
1968 : Creation of the first Common Market Organisation for Sugar
1970-73 :  Assimilation of sugar factories of Etrepagny, Roye and  Aulnois.
1989: Setting-up of Eurosucre, a sugar marketing subsidiary.
1991 : Location in Easter Europe with the creation of Eastern Sugar.
1992-96 : Acquisition of Société Sucrière du Nord-Est (including Guignicourt), Sucrerie Raffinerie de Bresles and Sucrerie de Marle.
1998 : Générale Sucrière changes its name to Saint Louis Sucre.
2000 : Saint Louis Sucre markets its products directly
 2001 : Acquisition of Saint Louis Sucre by Südzucker, first European sugar producer
2003 : Saint Louis Sucre acquires polish company Slaska Spolka Cukrowa S.A., later integrated in the Südzucker Group.
2005 : In Nassandres, Saint Louis Sucre produces sugars enriched with vitamin A, for the Nigerian market.
2006-2007 : Reform of sugar regime. Closure of the sugar plant of Guignicourt and the factories of Eastern Sugar.
2007 : Beginning of construction of the new packaging factory, Roye Packaging Plant
2008 : The 40 000 tonne-silo of Roye Packaging Plant starts its activity.
2009 : Saint Louis Sucre headquarters move to Parc du Millénaire, Paris 19.
2009 : Inauguration of Roye Packaging Plant. Start of the sieving facility
Sugar making process

Discover how the Saint Louis sugar is made through the animation below.

Images and Contents culled from St' Louis Sugar
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