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10 Romantic Words That Don't Exist In English But Should

15 Romantic Words That Don't Exist In English But Should
Love is a tender and sweet feeling, which can make one wish to express inexpressible emotions. As we have found out, there are some languages, which can express what you feel but can’t explain with Engish words.
All people fall in love and want some special words to consecrate them to their beloved. Here are some expressions which will be at hand in such cases.

1. Saudade: this word in Portuguese means a sad yearning that concerns someone from one’s past.

2. Forelsket: this Norwegian word is used to express the special intoxicating feeling of falling in love for the first time, when you hover in the sky.

3. Mamihlapinatapai: this word in Yaghan the world’s most concise word. It expresses the situation when two people look at each other and hope, that either will suggest doing what both of them want but don’t dare to.
4. Tuqburni: though the translation of this Arabic word is a little bit rude (you bury me), it’s meaning is the most beautiful one-I can’t live without you.

5. Bakku-shan: this strange Japanese word is used when you want to state, that a certain girl is beautiful only when looked at from behind.

6. Onsra: this is a quite sad word in Indian, which expresses the bittersweet feeling when you realize your love won’t last long.
7. Cafune: this word Portuguese word is used to express the act of running one’s fingers through his lover’s hair.

8. Paasa: this Tagalog word we can use to describe someone, who pretends to be in love with someone.
9. Kummerspeck: this German word has a little bit funny translation “grief bacon”. It's used to express the light excess weight that one gets from emotional overeating.

10. La douleur exquise: In the language of love-, French this word combination is used to describe that unbearable agonizing pain in your heart, when you love someone but can’t have him.

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