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The 5 Top Beautiful Women in Irish (PHOTOS )

The Women:

Irish women may not be in the global spotlight as much as Irish men, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good looking, talented Irish lasses around!-Well, if you missed our post on The 5 Top Beautiful Handsome men in Irish See it Here
1. Andrea Corr
This raven-headed beauty is easily one of Ireland’s best looking women. And age has done little to change this.
In 2000, Corr was voted 26 on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women” list – no doubt if such a list were restricted to Irish women, Corr would rightfully stake her place at the top.
It’s certainly the case that she faces stiff competition in the looks department in her family from sisters Sharon and Caroline, but Andrea just about comes out on top.
2. Lisa Hannigan
Probably one of the best things to have happened to Irish music in a long while was for Damien Rice to have kicked Lisa Hannigan out of his band. Hannigan had been his backing singer and was always the best thing about a lot of Rice’s songs. Rice came across as being an entirely self-absorbed misery guts; Hannigan’s debut album "Sea Sew," was an altogether more charming affair, and one of the best solo albums from an Irish singer-songwriter in years. Her star keeps on rising.
And did we mention how gorgeous she is? She looks like the kind of girl who doesn’t actually know she is ridiculously hot, making her even more hot.
3. Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes

Cute in a very indie-chick kind of way, Gemma Hayes, from a village called Ballyporeen, County Tipperary,  has been on the music scene in Ireland for a few years now. Presumably she was the inspiration behind the Counting Crows song, "Washington Square," when he sings "I wandered the highways from Dublin to Berkeley / And I heard the songbirds of Ballyporeen."
And looking at her, it’s easy to see why Adam Duritz would feel inspired a song about her.
4.  Nadine Coyle

Coyle famously lied on her application form for an Irish version of "American Idol," saying that she was 18 when she was in fact 16. She was one of the winners of the show, and got to join an all girls pop banded called Six. When the truth was uncovered, she was booted out of the band – the best thing to have every happened to her.
Later she entered "Popstars" (a U.K. version of "American Idol") and won. Today she is in the band that emerged from that, Girls Aloud, which has become one of the most successful British pop bands of the decade. (Today, Six are available for children's birthday and various other family functions.)
She has been romantically linked to a series of male celebrities: Jesse Metcalf from "Desperate Housewives" and NFL player Jason Bell. It’s not hard to see how they could fall for this lovely Derry lass.
5. Rosanna Davison
The first, and only, Irish Miss World, Davison is also famous for the being the daughter of Chris de Burgh. De Burgh was the singer of the song "Lady in Red," beloved of cheesy romantics everywhere. (The most recent survey on this song found that over 2 million couples claim this as “our song.”)
Under normal circumstances, we might not forgive De Burgh for his crimes against music; but he can surely plead some clemency on the basis of having raised such a gorgeous daughter. (Although maybe this didn’t work as an excuse when his wife, recovering from a serious horse riding accident at the time, discovered he was 
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