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You Have The Power To Change Your Life

You Have The Power To Change Your Life
The decisions That Will Shape Your Destiny is in your hands. I recently read an old story many of you must have read about a Bamboo tree in China.
It is my pleasure to bring it up here.

This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Who do you want to be?
In China there is a bamboo tree, when planted, watered and fertilized, doesn’t show any evidence of growth for the first four years. However, in the fifth year, the bamboo tree starts to grow and GROW…
.In just 6 weeks that follow, the Chinese bamboo tree will grow as much as 3 feet per day; it continues to grow until more than 90 feet in height.
The question is: Did the bamboo tree grow in six weeks or did it take five years to grow even though there was no visible sign it was taking root in the ground?
 When there was no visible sign, if someone had stopped watering and fertilizing it, would this have happened?
Certainly not, the bamboo tree would have died. We need to learn from nature and the lesson is pretty clear. Have patience and faith and keep doing the right thing. Even though the results may not be visible, something is happening.
It's very simple plant, water, and wait =Result 
Pray, pause, Faith =Result
Our life is often like the bamboo tree.
It can be very discouraging if we don’t see the results we want after working hard. But, this is the key in making decisions that will shape our destiny.
There is a substantial difference in being interested in something and being committed to it.
Statements such as “I’d really like to make more money” or “I’d like to make a difference” or “I’d like to be closer to my kids,” or “I’d like to give up smoking” is just stating a preference.
These statements are very weak and hold no power. The power comes when you decide to be committed.
 How to Get More Out of Life
  1. Become aware of your emotions.
The emotional memory from past experience still brings echoes into your mind that can influence your decisions.
                 2.  Forgive yourself and others for the past
When we are not able to forgive, the echoes of our wounds will influence our decisions today.
Sometimes it means we need to forgive ourselves. When we don’t forgive ourselves, we get stuck in believing we are not good enough to enjoy the fullness of life.
                      3.  Self-examination
Be willing to do some examination into the bad decisions you’ve made. Why did you make those decisions? What influenced you?
                     4.  Surround yourself
Make an effort to surround yourself with people you respect.
Talk to them about how the process they use in making hard decisions.
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