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9 Things That Are Acceptable In Your Country But You Shouldn’t Do Abroad.

Charity begins at home has nothing to do with these countries listed below.

Keep your charity in your homeland and play by these country rules.
Read more so you will not get in trouble!

1. Thailand

Do not touch someone in the head, the head is supposed to be a holy part in Thai culture, so they may find it disrespectful.
2. France
It is best to choose to give a la bise (kiss on cheek) and not handshake.

3. Ukraine

What ever you do, give only odd number of flowers.

4. Iran

Thumbs up might be a good gesture in many places , but in Iran and many middle eastern countries it is thought to be a rude gesture so avoid it there.

5. New Zealand
New Zealand
Honking you car horn is rude anywhere, but in New Zealand it is insulting.

6. Russia

You need to remove your outdoor boots when entering a house, sometimes you will get slippers when you enter.

7. India

First of all, do not show any physical affection with the opposite sex. Also keep in mind not to pass any item to someone with your left hand. The left hand is used to wipe after #2.
8. Japan
Japan is the land of the proud, so be advised to stick to their codes. Do not tip them, they will be insulted. When entering a room, remove your shoes, wear slippers and bow. A correct bow depends on the person and the situation, so ask a local how it is supposed to be done. Also, do not cross your chopsticks or stick them up in the food, it is rude to them due to their burial of the dead.

9. Mexico

"Salud " must be said every time someone sneezes. it is a cheer to your health.
Credit: Viraland
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