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DPA Ten 10s: 10 Biggest Inventions From The 90s That Are Still Cool Today
Next time somebody tells you, “That’s so 90s!” take it as a compliment. Many of the mainstays of American culture today started as trends in the glorious 90s. Here are 10 inventions from the 90s that are still cool today.
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G-Shocks are known for their resistance to shocks and perhaps started the trend of wearing watches that aren’t made from metal. G-shocks are also water resistant, have a stopwatch feature and countdown timer, and even a flashlight. Thousands of copycats are on the market today and nobody looks twice when they see a plastic, colorful watch on a grown man. 

America’s Funniest Home Videos

One might even attribute our culture’s shameless posting of home videos on everything from YouTube to Vimeo to this hilarious show! If only we all had the endearing Bob Saget narrating our mishaps caught on camera. This show got our nation thinking, “Maybe it’s not that embarrassing to broadcast my life to the country…” Fast forward to Jenna Marbles and

Nintendo 64

Most gaming aficionados today, even if they’ve moved on to online gaming and the Xbox, have not let go of their Nintendo 64. There is something so satisfying and simple about those little granular images and that synthetic music. The Nintendo 64 first introduced us to many of the gaming characters we still love today, like Donkey Kong and the whole crew from Mario Kart! 

Skip It

OK, so you may have forgotten about this device. But now that we’re mentioning it, you’ll be on eBay in no time tracking one down! As a kid, you just loved the little satisfying noises the item would make when you completed so many rotations. But as an adult you can appreciate that this is one great workout.

The AOL screen name

Remember when AOL instant messaging was all the rage? AOL was one of the first platforms that required us to create screen names. It trained our brains for all the names we have to make today for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram — you name it.

Air Jordans

Michael Jordan’s shoes for Nike, Air Jordans were some of the most expensive shoes you could buy at the time of their release and they still are. Nike hasn’t slowed down on coming up with new designs for the shoe — if anything, it has increased its output. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If you take a look around any urban area, you’ll quickly notice little Fresh Princes everywhere. The neon striped t-shirts, the Air Jordans, the folded-up jeans, the sideways caps, the thick-rim glasses. Where would hipsters be today without the original Fresh Prince?

MTV music videos

Remember way, waaaaay back when MTV delivered exactly what its name promised: music television? You used to turn on MTV and let it be the background music and entertainment for your block party. You could work out to the sounds and rhythm of Britney and Christina, and you could aim to shake your booty like the booty girls in rap videos all day.

Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld sent situational comedy into the stratosphere. You could drop in on any episode—one or five seasons in — with no knowledge of the show, and enjoy an episode. Many shows today follow this format but none can compete with the old George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry crew.

Jerry Springer

When Springer’s show first came out, it was everyone’s guilty pleasure. Nobody wanted to admit that they liked to watch illegitimate fathers and unfaithful wives shamed on TV. Today, of course, we watch nothing but reality shows in which people humiliate themselves and air their dirty laundry in public like it’s the most normal thing in the world.
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