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See the Threats of Diet Soda

6 Disadvantages of Diet Soda
Diet drinks are harmful to your health and here is the list of 6 reasons why you should get exclude zero-calorie drinks from your menu.
1. Artificial sweeteners cause headaches
Aspartame is said to cause headaches. The chemical is still being studied. Its influence on human body is not yet fully known. According to some experts, most of the patients complaining about migraines admit that they regularly consume diet soda.

2. Sodas might ruin teeth
Practicing dentists strongly recommend their patients and clients to avoid drinking diet soda. Soda drinks in general are highly addictive. One of the reasons why they are dangerous is that they ruin your tooth enamel. The effect is easy to explain. Sodas contain citric acid and, as we all know, acids cause tooth erosion. After some time you might notice that your teeth have become weaker and more sensitive.
3. Zero soda mixed with alcohol makes the drunk more harmful
Another curious fact was proved after research carried out by experts in Northern Kentucky University. During the study it became evident that drinks that contain artificial sweeteners instead of regular sugar are more dangerous if drunk mixed with alcohol. It appears that our blood absorbs artificial elements more quickly which makes alcohol reach the brain quicker. So, getting drunk and losing control will take you much less time if your habit is to make cocktails mixed with zero-calorie soda.
4. Artificial sweeteners cause depression
Although it has not yet been fully proved, however, scientists from the American Academy of Neurology claim that diet drinks that contain artificial components will eventually lead to a greater risk to suffer from depression. It has been estimated that those who consume four glasses or cans of diet drinks or more a day might feel depressed much more often than those who refrain from drinking sugary drinks. The same rule is applied to those who like fruit punches. The reasons why this kind of phenomenon occurs should be studied further.
5. Diet sodas won’t make your bones any healthier
Women suffer from osteoporosis more often than men do. Tufts University has carried out research on the effects of diet soda drinks on bones. It is now an estimated fact that zero-calorie drinks as well as most sodas in general do ruin human bones. Sodas wash out minerals from bones and they become more fragile. Even an additional intake of calcium and other mineral or vitamin supplements did not solve the issue. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition issued in 2006 warned people about the dangers of cola, its diet version included.
6. Fizzy drinks weaken your heart
If consumed daily, any kind of fizzy drink can negatively influence your cardiovascular system. Columbia University and the University of Miami took some time to figure out the effect of sodas on the human body. They found out that fizzy drinks greatly increase the risk of vascular death and heart attacks. The participants who were observed during the research had almost 43% more issues related to the cardiovascular system. As a matter of fact, the effects of soda drinks are still being studied hence in the nearest future we might find out more of the negative effects offizzy drinks on our organs.

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