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Tribute to a Lovely Friend: Chris Xrix Ero

Good people go only too soon When hope lightens our paths and the darkness thought it wasn't nice to see the young at heart see through the light that brighten everyone's heart.
He shown us a dime light from the tunnel.
When they said this three words to me: "Chris passed away". I Couldn't believe that sentence and shamefully I paused. Didn't want to face the truth, I tried so hard to be strong but how can you hide the stabbing knife those words took to my heart?

The darkness of my clothes and soul made the sunny day turn grey.

Last night, I received the shattering news that a close friend, a man that I loved and admired, was no longer with us. My heart broke on the spot and through the steady stream of tears, I have tried to make sense of it. But I can't. I can't make sense of it because it doesn't make sense. Things like this aren't supposed to happen. I know I am not the only person to have lost a friend, but that doesn't make it any easier.

Since I found out, I have been floating in and out of memories, my body giving into emotion and sobbing. Sobbing for what I lost, sobbing for what everyone else lost, and most of all sobbing for the future that he no longer has.
We struggled all through the university and lo we were happy that its almost to a close and death hit the light.

I am not known for my ability to talk about my feelings, or for asking for help. My form of expression is, and always been, writing. Something that    Chris Xrix Ero and I shared.

I am not going to talk about how tragic it is to lose someone, partially because we all know, but also, because words are failing me. I can't describe the sense of loss accurately.
Instead, I am going to talk about Chris Xrix Ero the man. Who he was, what he meant to me, and why he was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to cross paths with him. This is my therapy, my tribute to him, a small piece of the legacy he is leaving behind.

Everyone who knew Chris Xrix Ero will talk about his bright brown eyes and infectious smile. They will remember laughing with him. That even at his age , he had such a strong sense of self, deeply rooted morals that he never wavered from. Something that a bunch of college kids couldn't really understand.
He had a vision and he marched towards that.

Chris Xrix Ero was a loving person, he truly and genuinely loved and cared for the people in his life. When he asked about your day, you knew it was because he actually wanted to know. He listened. You left every conversation with him feeling happier and more content than when you started it. He just had that effect on people. He had an inherent kindness and the ability to read and understand people, seeing beyond how they presented themselves on the surface.
While the pastor was still preaching everyone watched me as I cry but I wasn't crying because the sermon was interesting NO.
I cried because I will never set my eyes on you.
And I begged God to wake you up.
I know if you were here you would ask me to cry more.
I miss you, friend.
The world missed you cause you made such a huge difference. I often wondered why you were so loved, adored and admired by many, but now I know the reason why "Good people go only too soon, they have only a short time to leave their footprints in the sand of time"
Friendship is in theheart and you will remain in mine for ever.
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  1. Rest in peace to an unknown friend! From his timeline on Facebook, tweets, eulogy and poems about him; it means he had imparted many lives, a friend to many, a listener, a joy to be with. Rest in peace and I pray God gives your friends, family(ies) the grace they need at this moment.

  2. A friend that will be so missed ...someone who tells unto cool down even when u are under pressure ...u will forever be remembered ...Miss u broda ,may your gentle soul rest in Peace ...

  3. Deep and thoughtful thanks for this eulogy, I couldn't agree with you more. Indeed not the duration but the donation of his life. My partner in crime, my friend and most importantly my twin brother! But one thing is sure as the sky, he proved life is a gift "GIVE IT!" He gave it all. Always be my half, Taye!


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