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20 Penny Pinching Coupon Celebrities. Who Knew!

Lady Gaga
Even Stars Clip Coupons!
Not all stars use coupons, but believe it or not, there are many celebs who enjoy clipping coupons and appreciate getting a good deal.
These 13 stars aren’t ashamed to be seen using coupons:

20. Ashley Greene

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackTwilight star Ashley Greene has very practical reasons for clipping coupons, “I’m lucky because my dad taught me to be frugal and save. And that’s important because I want to know that I don’t have to take an acting job for two or three years if I don’t want to and that I’ll still be able to make my house and car payments and buy food for my dogs.” That sounds like some very responsible and sound logic Ms. Greene! Good for you! We always like to hear that a celebrity has a contingency plan and that they include their pets in it!

19. Halle Berry

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackIs that Storm from X-Men using coupons in line at the grocery store? Is it true that one of the most beautiful and biggest movie stars on the planet is a coupon clipper? It could, and it is! Oscar winning actress Halle admits that even though she has a lot of money, she is a frugal girl and believes in saving up for a rainy day. We are sure that her daughter appreciates that!

18. Jennie Garth

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackJennie may have played a spoiled rich kid on “Beverly Hills 90210″ but her roots are back on a family farm in Illinois. On the farm Jennie learned to value money and pay attention to where her money is being spent. Now that she has three daughters, Jennie looks for deals for their school clothes and supplies and writes a RetailMeNot blog. Jennie believes in keeping her family out of the Hollywood scene and showing them what it is like to live a normal life, and she remembers that for a lot of people, a normal life includes bargain hunting and clipping coupons.

17. Manny Delgado

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackOk, yes, this one is a fictional character from “Modern Family,” but, when Manny fesses up to being at fault for Jay’s beloved dog Stella’s unplanned swim, you have got to admire his dedication to his couponing:
Gloria: Why are you swimming in your clothes?
Jay: Because I’m self-conscious about my body. Stella fell in the pool.
Manny: It’s my fault. I let her out, and then I got caught up in my couponing.
Manny is without a doubt the most practical kid on TV, his stepfather may be loaded, but don’t stand between that kid and his coupons!

16. Caroline Channing

One of CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, Caroline Channing went from not caring about coupons to loving them in a recent episode of the show, but she isn’t quite sure how to correctly pronounce the word couponing. Is it “coo-poning” or cue-poning” she wondered, making it painfully obvious that she’d never even discussed let alone considered using a coupon before.

15. Roy Hibbert

In a rare example of modesty among super rich athletes, Indiana Pacer player Roy Hibbert says that despite his large paycheck he is careful with his money, and his explanation was, “I guess I don’t want to end up being one of those stories where the guy ends up spending more than he has and owes money to the IRS and stuff like that. I just want to be able to take care of my family and live modestly.” Now there is an excellent example for a professional athlete to set.

14. Nicole Scherzinger

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackThe former Pussycat Doll admits that she is a bargain hunter at heart. Nicole admits that there are certain items that she really does like to splurge on. However, she says she doesn’t worry about her splurges, because she is always keeping her eyes peeled for a good deal, and she believes that finding a great discount makes up for her splurge.

13. Renee Zellweger

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackNot every famous person forgets where they came from, especially if they started out with less than the average family, Renee reveals, “I was raised in a household where we were very frugal.” The star of “Jerry Maguire” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary” is always under observation especially when it comes to her weight which has gone from one extreme to another when she prepares for roles. Good for Renee for sticking to her roots!

12. Carmelo Anthony

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackAnthony is another basketball player that sets a positive example with his considerable wealth, “I go to the supermarket, make sure I get the newspaper and tear the coupons out; save a dollar or two.” Anthony hasn’t forgotten what it is like to not have disposable income. Anthony is setting a great example for his kids but not letting all of his fame and wealth go straight to his head.

11. Carrie Underwood

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackCarrie Underwood may be one of the most successful American Idol alums and one of the biggest stars in country music, but she still does the grocery shopping for her home and she does coupon! The Blown Away singer has been a vegan since she was a teenager and she refuses to let fame change certain things, like shopping, “Doing the weekly shopping, I stock up on stir-fry kits, Amy’s meatless burgers, and armloads of onions and garlic. I put onions and garlic in everything. Ack-as usual, I forgot my coupons. (Yes, I do clip them!).” The singer has also admitted that she does her own laundry because she finds it creepy for someone else to touch her underwear!

10. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackEven with two celebs in the Hasselbeck household, they still coupon, but why? Apparently Matt is planning for post-pro football life, Elisabeth says, “I married a coupon guy. In the long term, he is so on top of things. He’s very aware of what things cost and what it means to our situation, and I thank him for that.” The ultra-conservative talk show host and Survivor alum enjoys saving money so couponing is a family activity in their home.

9. Hilary Swank

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackEven Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank enjoys finding a good coupon, her viewpoint on couponing? “I would use a coupon – just because I have some money now, I wouldn’t? That doesn’t make sense to me. I see it as a dollar in my pocket. People around me laugh, because I have a deep understanding of what a dollar gets you and how far to make that dollar go.” Apparently, she took her Million Dollar Baby role literally. We highly doubt that Swank will ever have to use that knowledge about making a dollar go far, but it’s nice to know she could!

8. Jay Leno

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackAnother celeb that knows the value of a dollar is former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, he recalls, “When I was a kid, I had two jobs. I worked at a Ford dealership and at a McDonald’s. I’d spend the money from one job and save the money from the other. That’s still the way I am now. I live on the money I make as a comedian, and I put all the TV money in the bank. I’ve never spent a dime of TV money – ever.” Woah, ever? He must have an insane amount of money in his savings account! Leno has a massive classic car collection, he must make some great money doing stand-up!

7. Kate Gosselin

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackControversial mom and TV personality Kate Gosselin thinks coupons are just common sense, “No matter how much money you have, it’s just smart to use coupons. It’s like free money in your pocket. One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons. I was beyond thrilled.” When you have eight kids to care for and feed couponing sounds like more of a necessity than an option.

6. Kourtney Kardashian

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackOk, this one seems like a bit of a stretch, but even the Kardashian’s coupon. Mom of two little ones, Kourtney says “Khloe got me addicted to coupons after watching Extreme Couponing. Nothing like a fun shopping adventure to feed my addiction.” I keep racking my brain wondering when I missed that scene on Keeping Up with the Kardashians where the sisters sit around in their pajamas and no makeup and clip coupons together. Did anyone else miss that? Just me?

5. Kristen Bell

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackKristin Bell has starred in many films, including “Frozen” “Couples Retreat” and “Veronica Mars.” Yet despite her fame, Kristen appreciates a good deal or a good coupon when she sees one. Bell says, “I use a lot of coupons. The best coupon you can get, possibly in the world, is the Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon.” Bell’s down-to-earth attitude on couponing and protecting her kids from the paparazzi that constantly chase her make us love her even more.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga loves to get attention; she especially enjoys shocking us with her haute couture fashion or her outrageous shoes. Despite all of that fashion and fame, Lady Gaga decided to remind people that just because she is super famous, it doesn’t mean that she forgot the value of a good deal, she tweeted: “Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I use coupons at grocery stores or try bargaining at retail, I’M FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK.” It’s nice to see that fame hasn’t changed Gaga too much!

3. Mama June

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackWhen Honey Boo Boo’s mom June isn’t busy dressing her small child up in makeup for toddler beauty pageants, she reminds us how normal their family is by clipping coupons. June makes couponing a habit. In fact she has an opinion about couponing that makes us cringe, she says that the high she gets from couponing is “better than sex!” Then for good measure, she added “I taught myself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to coupon.” Yes Mama June, we know you are not a rocket scientist, thanks for the reminder, like we needed it.

2. Mariska Hargitay

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackMariska Hargitay has been a fixture on our TV screens for years now, but she still remembers what it was like to grow up without having much money, “I make a lot now, but I don’t feel that way, because I was poor and had no money for a lot longer than I’ve had it. As an actor, if this show ends next year, then what? As an aging woman, then what? I’m saving money to live on, for the future. There are not that many roles for women, and I’ve been blessed with one of the great ones.” Hollywood is getting better at finding roles for aging actresses, but that is smart of the “Law and Order: SVU” star to keep in mind! Very practical Mariska!

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackOk, as if we needed any more incentive to clip coupons we found out that Buffy the Vampire Slayer clips coupons! Sarah Michelle Gellar has been a star for a long time and not only can the slayer kick some butt, but she knows how to save on necessities too, she shared her frugal philosophy, “We shop at Whole Foods, but we ask which fish is on sale. On sale doesn’t mean it’s bad! It probably just means it’s overcaught. And I clip coupons all the time. Why should you pay more for something that someone else is paying less for?” If it’s good enough for Buffy it’s good enough for us.
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